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Painkiller advice?

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One of my 6mo kittens got a paw closed in the door today.

She's been acting surprisingly well, she's normal and lovey, but the paw is swollen and she's limping. All of her toes appear to "work" and she's putting more weight on it now so I don't think it's broken. Right now she's sitting in a pile of tissue paper, so she's definitely doing pretty well.

Is there anything I can give her to help with the pain and inflamation? I tried the vet at 5:40 but they'd already flipped the phones over to say they close at six.

I have _The Merck Veterinary Manual_ and _The Five Minute Veterinary Consult_. Merck gives Ibuprofen dosage, but the FMVC says it's toxic for cats.

I have kids so I have both infant & childrens motrin & plenty of droppers. I have a kitchen scale so I can get an accurate weight on the cat (approx. 5 lbs, but I'd weigh her to determine actual dosage.)

Thanks for your advice!
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I wouldn't give any Motrin,Advil,or baby aspirin at all! It would be best to wait and call your vet in the morning. You don't want to risk damaging your kitty's liver,kidneys or cause internal bleeding. If you could possibly wrap her paw in a cold,wet cloth a few minutes every hour,it may help with the swelling. Better safe than sorry!!
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Don't give any human pain medication to your cat! Pain control in cats is not an easy thing and what is ok for humans can kill a cat, and only a qualified vet should be prescribing pain medication for a cat.
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Ok, thanks all.

She's already improving in leaps in bounds. One down, eight to go.
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That's good. Human medication is very, very risky for cats...even when the vet told me to give Gizmo an antihistamine for her allergies and I halved the dose, the poor cat was a drooling zombie for a whole day.
I am glad to hear that your cat is recovering without meds.
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