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Three months ago I posted about my resident cat, Vinny, who was having problems pooping on the mat right outside one of our litter boxes. This began about 3 weeks after we got our new cat, Sherman. It was very sporadic -- everyday for about 4 days, then about 2 days he would go in the box, then it'd be every other day -- there was no consistency to it. To make a long story short, after about two months we got tired of it and had him checked out -- the vet gave him the all-clear that nothing was wrong and that it was more than likely a behavioral issue.

Well, we tried confining him to the bathroom for two weeks but that didn't work. My husband thinks our bathrooms are too large to be functional for behavioral confinement (Vinny could comfortably poop on the carpet square in front of the box and 'live' on the other side of the room without feeling forced to use the box). I recently read about a product called "Cat Attract" cat litter that is supposed to help problem cats learn to use the box again.

I purchased it this afternoon and filled the box but neither cat has used the box yet (nor have they used the other box we have with the regular Tidy Cat in it). I also bought Simple Solution Litter Box Cleaner to remove the smell of the old litter in the box, plus Simple Solution Just For Cats Stain and Odor Remover to use on the mat in front of the box. In the meantime, I've just pulled up the mat.

Has anyone used this kind of litter, and does it work?? If this doesn't work, does anyone else have any other suggestions on how to get him to poop in the box again?