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This Is An Outrage!!!!!!! :(

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I found this on another cat site I sometimes visit, and I'm sharing it here because there is an opportunity for anyone who is interested to express their opinion to the judge and the county prosecutor involved in this case.

Pennsylvania Kitten Stomper Gets Slap On Wrist

August 2002

PETA Alerts Page: www.peta.org/alert/index.asp

Quote: "The important thing to me is that he does recognize it was a bad thing." Montgomery County Judge Joseph A. Smyth.

Eyewitnesses who called PETA in October 2001 claimed that on October 6, Timothy Paules, an employee of Zimmer’s Pets, stomped a kitten to death in front of horrified customers and their children. According to The Mercury, Paules became angry after the kitten scratched him, threw her on the floor, and began stomping on her. He then threw the dead body into a trash can. Paules is reportedly a Boy Scout leader and professed animal lover. Bystanders report hearing the animal’s bones snap under Paules’ foot.

Citing the defendant’s remorse, Judge Smyth who found Paules guilty of 'willfully and maliciously killing the kitten' - sentenced him to two years’ probation, 100 hours of community service, and anger-management classes. Pennsylvania law would have allowed Judge Smyth to sentence Paules to up to two years in prison.

PETA has sent a letter to Judge Smyth outlining thier concerns over his lenient sentence. We urge you to do the same. In order not to detract from Peta's campaign, it is imperative that your correspondence be respectful and polite.

Address of Judge Joseph A. Smyth:

The Honorable Joseph A. Smyth Jr.
Montgomery County Courthouse
P.O. Box 311
PA 19404

Fax: 610-278-6192 (USA)

Please also contact Montgomery County prosecutor Bruce Castor, whose office sought the maximum sentence against the perpetrator. Thank him and his staff for their efforts, and kindly request that an appeal be filed as soon as possible.

The Honorable Bruce L. Castor Jr.
Montgomery County District Attorney
Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office
Montgomery County Courthouse
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404-0311

Fax: 610-292-4950 (USA)
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Lorie I am going to put this in SOS forum. Poor kitty, sometimes there is no justice for those with no voice.
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Poor kitty. I can't believe that people can get away with doing almost anything to a poor helpless animal. Someone should stomp on him until they break his arm or leg!
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It is hard for me to understand why our legal system won't take animal maltreatment seriously. The research is so very clear that people who hurt animals go on to hurt humans. If they can't punish these evil people for hurting the animal itself, at least they should use the animal abuse as an excuse to lock them up to keep other people safe for a while.

I also can't help to think how a judge like this treats animals....if the judge has so little respect for an animal's suffering, I can't imagine that he is a very loving person.
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lotsocats is right. Serial killers' profiles most often describe someone who abused animals. This man is also a Boy Scout leader? I would hope that he will never influence another Boy Scout. Our letters are so important. Those people who receive a letter know that they represent a large number of people who agree with them, so every letter is important. Please make your opinion known.
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If I remember this story correctly from last year, a young girl was actually purchasing the kitten as a birthday present for her younger brother when this incident occured. The younger brother was in the pet store with her and also witnessed the killing of the poor little kitten.
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