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If its not one thing..

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Its another. M sweet sweet Queen Bee Dutchy is not feeling well at all. I think its because of the stress of the three cats being gone yesterday. Bt i am keeping a close eye on her

She puked 5 times yesterday. Only once today. Shes not acting lethargic at all not hiding, not showing any signs of pain when i feel her tummy and such. Vet says for now to keep her home and keep an eye on her, if she keeps yorking or gets lethargic at all to bring her in. He just doesnt wanna stress her out anymore than needed. (Dutchy is a MAJOR stresser and does get upset tummy when shes upset)

I just worry. and could use some vibes that shes AOK and snaps out of it. I am gonna get her some baby food for her to see if that helps. and I just syrnigned her a little bit of water to make sure shes getting enough. I am such a worry wart momma.

Got the Vet man on speed dial.
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Just an update...

Dutchy has not kept anything but water down and is going to vet first thing in the Am, i talked to my vet before they closed and he said unless she gets lethargic (still not) that as long as she is keeping water down i dont need to go to the Er vet. So i will be up all night with her.

Shes acting normal other than a "I dont feel good" kinda look to her. and she just took a swing at Jade..whichis normal.. but i am worried
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I'm sorry she's ill. It's hard when they aren't eating, or aren't eating enough. I've been battling with trying to figure out how much is enough with Willow lately--and I'm apparently not doing a very good job since she's still losing weight. It's good that Dutchy is still holding down water. Is she going in to her normal vet tomorrow? Also, do you have any Feliway or Rescue Remedy that you can use to calm her for vet trips?
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Yup shes going into her normal vet tommrow, they are open til noon and gave me a morning appointment. I have both and neither work for her. so i am wearin a shirt tonight, as i sweat alot in my sleep and will use thatr for her tommrow, that makes her feel better. I sure hope its nothing to serious. Our vet fund is slightly more depleated than usual because of Three Spay/Neuters.

Shes currently under the bed sleeping, which is her favourite place to sleep. So hopefully all goes well tommrow...all of the cats are in an uproar about her being unwell. Since she is the queen of the house. She did take a big healthy litter box run, and seemed to feel a little better after that.
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I hope its nothing serious. Vibes and prayers for Dutchy coming your way.
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I'm sending vibes for your little sweetie!
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thanks everyone. well when i woke up she was happy normal dutchy again. But we went to the Vet anyways. And the vet confirmed whatever it was, seemed to have passed. normal heart rate, normal temp ect. he gave me some meds as a percationairy. Whew.
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Am glad that she is better now, it is so worrying when you have more than one ill at the same time.
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Very glad to get to the end of this thread and see she's feeling like herself again.
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oh yes she just swatted me pretty good. when i was checking on her, lol so shes her fiesty self.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms View Post
oh yes she just swatted me pretty good. when i was checking on her, lol so shes her fiesty self.
Yay! LOL
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LOL well her and Jade are back to spattting over my if there was any doubt, lol it has been erased.
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Good to hear!
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