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The Rusty Show

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He started life out kind of rough. Thirteen years ago someone left him sealed in a cardboard box, along with his mom and three brothers and sisters in front of the vet clinic. I blame his early troubles with drinking on this.

His drinking led to other problems. Among them, spiraling weight gain and brushes with the law. Here we witness him stealing the hat off an action figure, who was about to blast him into another universe.

But lots of tough love led to a new career as an aspiring chef. Here's a scene from Cooking With Rusty, the spaghetti episode.

Finally, he has something to smile about. is good!

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Awwww, I just wanna rub that tummy!!! everybody's gotta have a vice, right? at least it was light beer
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that is hilarious!!!! I LOVE your captions!!! Rusty is soo cute!
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A Day in The wonder he needs to have a serious snooze after his busy day

Great pics
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That was so good !!! What a handsome boy Rusty Is!!
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I showed this to my husband and he loved it and Rusty! What a big boy I want to rub his belly!!!
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Hysterical! Rusty is such a cute boy. YAY for the Rusty Show!
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What a cute boy! My Abby sleeps like Rusty does in the bottom pick. On her back, belly exposed... and I can't resist going to rub it each time, hehe
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He is adorable! I just want to rub that kitty belly!
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Brilliant!. A gorgeous boy with funny captions
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Those are great! Love the belly exposure!
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Well done!
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That was great! Rusty can cook spaghetti for me anytime!!
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Ha! This is so cute, and what perfect captions! Rusty, you're such a beautiful little boy with so much personality in your darling face
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Fabulous pictures! I love the belly shot...
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Oh he is a sweeeetie!
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