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I remember you were only a tiny little baby when you came into our lives on that cold rainy night. It was 7 years ago. Dad is so sad. He will miss you waiting on the toilet as he showered every morning. The good morning pats and licks on the hand. The bites you used to give him if he put on his socks instead of petting you. I will miss Christmas as you dove into the piles and piles of wrapping paper every year you were here. You LOVED junk food and never let us forget you were there to share our snacks and dinner with. The company we always needed in the bathroom. The cuddles when we were sad. I will miss you so much. Dad will miss you more though. RIP darling Sassy

That is all I can take for now. We had to put Sassy to sleep. He was my dad's cat. He had a seizure and ended up with a broken leg. The vet found bone cancer and said that he could have surgery to put a pin in his leg but he probably wouldn't survive the surgery since the cancer attacked his liver. He was only 7. My parents made the decision to end his suffering

RIP Sassy....Play lovingly with Max and Justin over the bridge
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Oh Courtney, I've been thinking of Sassy all evening! My heart goes out to you all

I'm so sorry that this had to come, but I know that Sassy is crossing the bridge with love in his heart and a skip in his step!

Know that you will all forever have Sassy in your hearts and he will always look over you

RIP sweet Sassy and play happily ober the Rainbow Bridge with your friends
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Hugs to you and your dad. It is always hard to make that decision. I am glad Sassy is not suffering. May your memories bring you peace.
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Courtney, I am so, so sorry for your family's loss . They made the right (but very difficult) decision to end Sassy's suffering. RIP at your new home at the Bridge, Sassy .
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What a sad loss! I am so sorry for you and your parents. Sassy sounds like a lovely kitty. I'm sure he will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace Sassy. You will see your family again someday!
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Poor Sassy, you're well and happy now baby

I'm so sorry for your parent's loss
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I am so very sorry to hear this, RIP little one.
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I am so sorry for your loss, for your family's loss.

Rest in peace and perfect health Sassy. Enjoy your time and play at Rainbow Bridge.
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Rest in Peace dear Sassy, You are truly missed and loved.
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Condolences to your family on the sad loss of Sassy. He was a treasure to the entire family; you were all so well loved by him. And that love will go on forever, till you all meet over RB again.
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Play happily over the Bridge sweet Sassy

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Courtney, I am so sorry that I have got to this so late. I can only imagine how heartbreaking this must be for you all
I hope that the healing has begun and that you are all rejoicing in those happy memories of Sassy - he certainly sounds like an amazing kitty

run free sweetheart, where you are there is no more pain

RIP Sassy
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