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Newbie-and cats from North Carolina

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Hi, I'm Cathy and my two cats are Moonbeam, age 13, a Maine Coon. He is a big cat-weighs 13 lbs. He is fighting cancer and doing ok on medicines from the vet that make him have a good appetite. He has small intestine cancer. I have had him since he was a kitten. He is a big tough guy, but loves his mom. Mandy is going to be five and she is an orange and white tabby, longhair. She is a sweet, talkative and a very playful lap cat! I had a cat named Magic who almost lived to be 20 years old, but she got cancer. All our cats are indoor only cats.
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You babies sound lovely. I have a soft spot for longhairs, having 2 persians amongst my brood.

Have you any piccies of Moonbeam and Mandy? Or any funny stories about what they've been up to?

Hope you enjoy visiting the Cat Site - I know I do.
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Hi Cathy just looked at your other post about Moonbeam and Mandy's pictures. The descriptions made me laugh - they look EXACTLY how you describe them! It's funny how cats project their personalities outwards isn't it?

Oh - almost forgot - they are very beautiful cats too!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS. I am also in NC, the eastern part. I looked at you pictures. You babies are beautiful.
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Hi Yola! Glad you liked the photos. Moonbeam likes to play with his catnip cigar. He also won't let us trim his nails, so we have to take him to the vet. He is very bad there and has to be tranquilized.He even breaks out of his cat carrier at home sometimes before I take him to the vet! I don't know how but he does it! Mandy likes to jump up on the refrigerator, counters and she will knock over things to wake us up in the mornings, and then when we scold her she gives us a purr or a squeak and wants to go in our laps.I like the names of your cats. What do they do to entertain you?

KrazyKat2. Where are you from in North Carolina? We are from Charlotte, or I should say outside of Charlotte. Cathy
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Welcome to the site! Your cats are just gorgeous. Mandy's face is just so precious. They both sound like quite the characters, never a dull moment in your house I'm sure.

I'm glad you found us here, and I look forward to getting to know you, Moonbeam and Mandy better. Hope to see you posting often!
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I'm currently living in Jcksonville. I lived in Charlotte for short time whe I was much younger. Great city! Are you a Johnboy and Billy fan?
I have 4 little furballs (or hairballs, depending on their behavior that day).
Fred, 13 years old, once a yellow tabby, but now almost white with age. I have had him since he was about 4 weeks old, and he's my baby.
Leo, 4 is a whooping 20 lb. red tabby. He is beautiful and he knows it. A real poser.
Pearl, 2, is a beautiful white kitty. My daughter rescued her from an abusive home. She is just now really coming out of her shell and joining the household. She got her first tummy rub a few days ago.
Georgia, 1, aka GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN, is a tiny gray tabby. She thinks she is 9 feet tall and bulletproof. Constantly in to something, and harassing the rest of the kitties. I saw her being thrown from a moving car when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old. Fortunately she wasn't hurt, and now has a permanent home with us.
That's my little feline family.
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Hi Cathy - thanks for asking.

Firenza (Fifi) is the girlie. And she is a right little madam too. She loves my husband. She will sit on the floor and gaze up at him - literally adoringly gazing up into his face. She will then start to squeak - she doesn't meow, only squeaks, and curl and twirl around his legs. Sometimes she will even climb up his legs. But she's SO good, she'll only do it when he's wearing jeans and not any other 'posh' trousers. Fi is a lilac cream persian. Beautiful and she knows it.

She does, of course, totally ignore me most of the time as I am the baddie who washes her face (persians need their faces/eyes washing once or twice a day) and brushes her, which she hates.

Baliero (Balie) is my baby. He was the runt of his litter and is the most nervous jumpy, tiny blue persian you've ever seen. I think everything Balie does is adorable. The sweetest thing started when he was a kitten. He was the only cat we had for a few months and because Ken worked at home, Balie came to think of us as his mummy and daddy and forgot he was a cat. Anyway - and he still does this today - he climbs up onto the pillow when I'm in bed and kneads my hair. As my hair's quite long, he gets all tangled up in it, he dribbles all over it, and he purrs SOOO loudly. I LOVE that cat to bits.

Ferdinand (Ferdy) is my FIV adopted stray. He's a shorthair black bruiser. He is not very big, but BOY is he a strong muscular thing. He is constantly still showing his gratitude. He's a little odd though. He'll lie down in his litter tray. Just lies there and looks at me. He'll also lie down on either my or Ken's chest at night and go to sleep! He's nuts! He'll just fall asleep with his face right up close to ours and snores. He snores very loudly and it's impossible to move him. Each time you move him off he just comes right back up.


Anyway, I could go on, but you're probably forehead-first on your keyboard with boredom now.
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