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Mine lives in the states so I will wait to ship it off the first week in dec.I thought I was done shopping but still have a idea or two I want to add. I'll probably wait about a hour after I get mine then I won't be able to contain myself and will open it.
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I'm wondering about this too. I know with some SS groups, they send little things up till closer to December and then send the main thing so it arrives closer to the big day! I like this way and am thinking of doing it for my SS. I want to see what everyone else is doing though.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Um, I haven't even thought about anything yet, let alone prepare anything!!
can't get to into christmas when it's not even halloween yet!
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I plan on shipping my gift some time in December
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well I just finished buying for my SS, now I have to send it off overseas! I'm actually terrible at sending things in time- my poor wee nephews in NZ always have to wait till New Years to get their gift from their Canadian auntie.
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I'm a bit slow also but I think it will get there It's Far Far, First of the week for me, Yes this coming week go figure literally
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