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Vibes for one of my parent's cats....  

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Mom calls me last night and tells me that Sassy(my dad's cat) has a seizure and he couldn't move his back leg after that so they took him to the emergency vet last night. I talked to dad this morning and Sassy is still at the vet. The doctor says that his back leg was broken and that he may have bone cancer. He also may have had either a stroke or a seizure. He hasn't been looking well lately but has been acting VERY normal(eating, drinking, going potty, playing). Mom is supposed to go pick him up tomorrow morning and the vet will call when they get results. Could you please send vibes and prayers to Sassy?

Also, my MOM'S cat PJ is also very sick. They found a lump on her belly last year and it was cancerous. It was mammory cancer which is very rare on cat's that have been spade. Recently they found a lump on her throat and she is starting to get a sore by her eye. She was doing bad for a while but started eating again after mom had decided to take her in and put an end to her suffering. She started eating and playing and everything again but she is also going downhill. This little beautiful girl is my mom's BABY. My mom will be DEVESTATED if something happens with little PJ. Could you then also spare vibes for her too?

Both cats are only 7 and 8 years old. My mom will be so lost without them both if something happens. Any prayers you can spare will help.....

Thanks guys!
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Mega Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading to Sassy and PJ

Also many calming }}}VIBES{{{ on their way to you, your Mum and Dad
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oh what a difficult time you are all having, two ill kitties ! and some very upset cat-keepers

Well heres sending tons & tons of get well PDQ {{{{{vibes}}}}} and lots of warm & healing {{{{{hugs}}}}} to everyone !!

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Well dad called at about 1pm and said that it didn't look good for Sass. They said his leg was broken and didn't know how it happened but said he did have bone cancer. The vet said she could operate and put a pin in his leg but he probably wouldn't surivive the siirgery because the cancer had attacked his liver. Mom and dad opted to just have Sassy PTS. It's for the best. Dad is having a hard time. I will post in Crossing the Bridge now.

Please though. Continue your prayers for PJ. She really needs them now
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Oh geez Courtney, I'm so sorry to hear about Sassy I hope PJ can get a little better, my thoughts are with your parents
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Ohhh, I'm so sorry to hear they had to put Sass to sleep. That's always so hard, even though you're easing the cat's pain.
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I'm so sorry! Healing vibes to PJ - I hope she pulls through!
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God bless little Sassy.....and your parents..........
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Oh no! Double the kitty troubles! Sending double the get-well-soon vibes and prayers Sassy & PJ's way!!! {{{{{}}}}}
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I'm going to close this thread - there is a thread on Sassy in CTB forum.
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