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Miss Moofs - week 2 report

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Oh heck, well its been two weeks since her fight We have vet visits every other day to keep a check on her eye - and now she has as eye infection

She has been trying to scratch her eye and I think this is how she has caught the infection - also agreed by the vet

She now has to wear one of those bucket things - SHE HATES IT its so difficult seeing her wondering around the room knocking into things - not herself the bucket, but it does dis-orientate her. Shes in our bedroom, with everything moved out of way, so hopefully she can settle a bit in there

I am so sad and want her to be normal again PDQ
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Aw, poor baby. Hugs to both of you that this will heal and be over soon.
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Awwwww, poor Miss Moofs!

Sending more healing vibes so she can get that eye healed and the collar off very soon!

Hang in there!
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A cone collar? YUCK! Ask your vet or other vets in the area if they have any "cloth" like collars. They are the same thing, preventing the cat from scratching(or whatever), but they are cloth & much easier to navigate in.

Poor Miss Moofi....if only they understood that they shouldn't do things like that...
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Awww...poor thing! I know you're probably just as frustrated as she is with that collar. I've heard that you can trim them down a bit, or look at a pet store for the cloth kind. Hope she's better soon!

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Aww, poor sweetheart! And, though you know it's necessary and for her own good, it's heartbreaking to watch her being so disoriented and miserable. I hope the infection clears quickly, so that she can at least get rid of the #&&^#&^%*^*#$&*&$ ol' collar!
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Awww, poor girl! Sending lots of good vibes her way.
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Miss Moofie doesn't know that she injured her eye and now has the "collar" to wear.
Get well soon!!!
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