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My Trixie

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I couldn't forget my baby girl's thread since her siblings have their own..........

Baby Trixie

my big tough girl!

How does this thing go?

Wanna scratch my belly?

Maybe my brothers won't see me underneath the kitchen table!

doesn't she have pretty little feet?

My girl never met a box she didn't like!

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she is gorgeous
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she's such a cutie pie!
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Awwww theres beautiful Trixie girl, with her beautiful paws
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Trixie is my favorite of the bunch . I love her baby pic Susie!!!
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Awww Trixie!
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Thanks everyone..........she's the one I've had the longest, so she does hold a very special place in my heart. Ever since we came back from Arizona, she has been exceptionally lovey..........
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I love Trixie!! She's such a pretty girl!!!
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