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hehehe My Kittens are soo funny (Sorry long)

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Well I been going in the room as much as I can, and they are eating like small elephants.. Lol they have 2 dishes of wet, a dish of dry,and 2 dishes of water.. LOL! Yes.. Alot, But dang, they eat that in a matter of a half a day! *faints* I couldnt eat that much!
Well this AM I went in to say hi before work. And my fiance usually takes care of there litter pans,and feeding and watering in the morn.. And I went in this am, and it was like a hr later.. and No food, no water.. ALL gone! and they were ALL nursing. And when I walked in, Mystery jumped up so fast, and walked around, like she was saying" No Im not nursing them, Bad babies!" lol

Well I Have a young lady coming to look at 2 of the girls on Sat, she may take them as a early bday pressie for her 4 yr old son,and she knows they do best in pairs.. *Also prolly cause in the ad I posted I put I would like them to go in pairs.* LOL! But I am charging 65 male 75 female, And the vet is going to Fix,give shots, get the microchip,and FIV Test them! I Love my vet. teehee. Soo I am asking a 50 deposit on them, to hold them. And it is going to be non refundable *otherwise I really couldnt afford to do it..* SO I am using there deposit to pay the vet,and then they will pay the remander when picking up. AND If they take 2 kittys, I knock off 15 dollers. So does that sound like a good deal? Or does it seem like too much?

I will be going home this weekend, and taking some more pics, and posting them here they are soo cute.. And really coming around!
The Male I thought wasnt eating anything.. I Saw him eatting dry the other day... he doesnt touch the wet tho.. Lol .. But they are all going in the litter pan,and eatting now, a cpl of em are still nursing some.. on a regular basis. I will give them a few more days, then I am going to have to try the sock thing. Momma is to tolorate of things.. Lol she is such a good momma! But I need her to be dryed up before they will fix her,and I am going to try to call the vet to make a Appt on the 21st, and see if i can get them all in then. they will be 8 weeks on the 22nd. And they are all over 1lb now,I have there weights written down from last weekend, But I will weigh them again this weekend, and put them on here.

Well anywayz, thanks for letting me ramble
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Ok I have there Appts on the 24th and 25. They have to split them up.. 2girls and 1 boy a day.. Lol And they have to be 3lbs. Sooo I have to keep feeding Lots and lots! Make them big fat kittys! lol Do you think they could be 3 lbs by then?

This is what they weighed last week. 6week bday.
Ollie All blk Male-1lb 8.8oz
Mystic tabby and white female-1lb 6.7oz
Dottie White with blk spot female-1lb 5.6oz
Pearl Blk with white female-1lb 5.1 oz
Charlie AKA Budha blk with white male-1lb 7.5oz

these are approx, they wouldnt sit on the scale long. Lol

So this was last week.. and they will be just over 8 weeks on the appt.. Do you think I will make the 3lb mark? LOL! And is there a way to feed them enough to get them big enough in weight? lol
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Hey, they're growing kittens--they'll eat like young horses no matter what you feed 'em. Kitten food, of course, and high quality.

The prices sound fine to me, for what you're getting--that's more than what a lot of people pay for just the neutering.

Got pics?
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Yea.. I thought it was a decent price. But i may be able to get it done free now.. I am going to be applying for Unemployment now.. I got laid off tonight.. I hope I can, I cant afford to doanythingnow.. :-( And Yes i will post some pics..I have more Iwill put onhere later, whenI get them onmyputer.

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So far that is what I have.. I have more on the camera, I will post them when I get them onto the puter!
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Soooo cute!
Theres seem to be many of them too!
If they eat a lot now im sure youre going to be suprised soon,i used to fill the food dispenser every 4 days when they where 6-7 weeks now i have to do it almost every day and there is only 4 of them including the momma.
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What adorable little munchkins!!!! Good on you for charging a decent amount and having them fixed and checked out before going to their homes!

Kittens are generally around the 2 lb mark at 8 weeks old, they'll probably be closer to 3 lbs at 12 weeks old. If you can, it's probably better to keep them until 12 weeks anyway.

Sorry to hear you got laid off At least you can have more kitten time now
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hehe yea, they are cute. I have more pics..I just have to go save them.. hahaha.. And I will place them in here as well. I have someone coming today, to look at 2 of the females.. Or any two.. she is looking to add new pets in the house..also as a early Bday gift for her 4yr old son, that everytime they go near kittys, he asks mom if he can have em..Lol And she knows they do best in pairs yay. But I am just having people come by,and put deposits on them.. Icant do there spay or neuter till they have a deposit.. Since i dont have the moneyanymore. But yes, we feed them 3 times a day.. 2 dishes of wet,and a dish of dry, every time .. LOL!
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