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Major Breakthrough with Mattie

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Mattie is my adopted stray. She has been diagnosed with herpes and has had a runny eye ever since we have had her. The vet told me give her a 500 mg. crushed lysine tablet over her food twice a day. I had tried many wet foods and sprinkling over the dry. She wouldn't really eat any of it like she needed to get the lysine in her. This week I tried the little tub of Meow Mix, shrimp and tuna. I put the lysine in a spoonful of it and she loves it. Maybe this will help someone else who might be going through the same thing.
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Great to hear! this just strengthens my belief they put something in that Meow Mix! Every cat who ever ate it, loved it!! I'm so glad Mattie is doing well
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Glad you found something that she likes so she'll get the Lysine!! I also give my kitties lysine when they have runny eyes and it's a huge help to them. Hope Mattie's feeling better soon!!

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I know this has nothing to do with the post- But im sure where else to post it!! I just wanted to find out where you guys get your cute pictures at the bottom of your posts-- Where u have pictures of your pets with background on them!!! I know some are from photobucket- But Im sure where to go on photo bucket to do them1! Sorry this is off the subject
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I'm using lysine paste, about 250 mg fits on each finger. I mix it with Gizmo's factor CQ10 and she gets it every morning...should twice a day, but I and she don't want to push it...and she's doing fine.
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