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Some humans just don't get it

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You don't seem to understand....this ISN'T your chair, we just let you use it when it suits us.

Perhaps you could amuse yourself elsewhere till we finish our nap!

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Awwwww they look so cosy together up there
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what little sweeties!
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That is so cute! And they are telling the truth so don't sit in that chair for to long or you WILL get evil kitty looks!
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We are allowed to warm it up for them, though.
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Ahhhh yes.... there is a large leather chair in my apartment that is used in that fashon. I've given up ever using it again.
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lol that is too cute!
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Cats are firm belivers in the old saying "Move your meat, lose your seat."
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hehe too cute! I have a comfy leather executive chair at my computer desk, but my cats, especially the older one loves to lay in it. As soon as I get up she's in it. LOL She knows the routine now though. As soon as I come back she mosies back to the shelf and lays on a comfy pair of my jeans that she's claimed for herself Sometimes she just looks so comfy in my chair though that I drag out my ancient secretary chair that has no arms and isn't the most comfortable thing to sit on, and let her sleep in the nice chair, lol
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