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what the?!

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I got a new screen door about 3 months ago, and it already missing new bits of wire from Sable trying to climb up it!! I rent so I know I wont get my deposit back!

I was just in here reading the forum and I hear this cat climbing up it, I run out thinking it was Sable up to her mischief and I got a fright! it wasn't Sable!! lol. It was the next door neighbours cat whom we named Midnight (he always used to show up late at night) lol! I didn't know wether to laugh or get up him, I had a total moment of confusion! I said "Midnight you stop that right now!! you naughty boy" whilst trying to stifle a giggle or two

aww you gotta love these little furry ones that give you these moments!
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I know in the US there is special "pet" screen that can be installed in doors and windows.
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All I cna invision is that cartoon of GArfield hanging on the old screen door
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If you can re-screen the door, no one will know.
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