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The "you suck" meow

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Has you cat ever given you one of these? My old cat used to run out the moment I got home after a day trip or if I was gone for most of the day or more, and she'd stand in the hallway give me a very terse and louder than normal "Meow!" in the same exact intonation you'd use if you were to say "you suck!", and run off into a corner not to come out till a few hours later. I thought it was hillarious every time she did that, and I could just imagine her saying "You suck!" at that moment. My friend and I aptly named it the "you suck meow".

Me: Kitten just gave me the "you suck meow"!
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that is so cute!

I don't get any of those, I just get the.. I guess you could call it the "you suck" pout and bite.

Sable does this, when she gets in trouble and cant do something she wants to do, she doesnt exactly pout but she gets a look on her face like that, lol. And then when I walk away she'll run up behind me and nip me on the calf or ankle lol! to show she isnt happy with me
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Yup, I think my oldest one practices it in the mirror before I come home.
He also combines it with the "you haven't fed me in the last two hours, you are starving me to death, evil woman" caterwaul
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oh yea, i hear it ever morning when i get home.
Heyu reminds me more of a wife or gf that would yell at me for being late for dinner.
YEOW!!!!! for about 5 min when i first get home.

hehe when i first get up, from sleeping, i get more chirps, then meows.
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We don't get that from our masters. We get a odiferous pile when one of them gets really angry (we know Tigger will do this, but we've not identified any from the other 5)
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Yes I get it when I cook my dinner and its not quite kitty dinner time. They both give me the annoyed you suck meow!!
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Bobber is our one cat who enjoys being outside (looking for things to catch). She sits by the door and stares up at the doorknob. I always think she is thinking "open the da** door and let me out!!!
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Oh, I totally get the "you suck" meow from Spike. (At least, that's probably the polite version of what he's saying! ) It's this long, drawn-out meow that he gives after having already gone through a series of shorter, less plaintive meows, and it's uttered with an air of absolute aggravation. If he were capable of it, I'm sure he'd be rolling his eyes at me, too. And it's usually given when it's about half an hour before kitty mealtime, but he's decided his meal is loooong overdue.

Oz doesn't have a "you suck" meow. Instead, he gives me the dirtiest, most long-suffering look you can possibly imagine, then turns his back to me and begins grooming something (typically his crotch). This dirty look is reserved for late feeding times, my (frequent) moments of noisy clumsiness, and any time his father feels like using exaggerated baby-talk. It's one of those "if looks could kill ..." kind of expressions; I'm sure he's thinking evil thoughts when he has it on his face, too.
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