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I have a couple. Quality isn't great, I took pictures of pictures since I have no scanner either.

My first... "professional" picture

Me, my brother, and the best Grandfather ever(RIP)

Me and my Mom, with my sister laying in wait

Happier than a kid in a candystore
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Shucks-I dont have any. But I am loving all the ones you all have posted.
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I dont have any baby pics of me, but here are some of my son:

This is my baby before his first haircut, he looks hilarious!

This is his first boo-boo, I cried for a week!

And this is him and my little brother (yes my bro is younger than him!)

Another one...

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Awww he's so cute Julitza! How did he get his first booboo? It looks bad. Poor Baby.
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OMG they are huge Im trying to resize them now.

4crazycats, he got it when he was still crying. We we inside my grandmothers garage and he tried to run away (we'll speed crawl) and his hands slipped from under him and scraped himself on the hard cement. He hardly cried but it looked so bad.

DH almost died when he saw him.
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I only have a toddler pic, but here it is
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Here are a couple of baby pictures of me. Babies are so cute!!! At least they are when they're not screaming their heads off!!

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Darling baby pics!!
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