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Tough love for my cats!

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As many of you know my 5 cats go outside with me daily for a few hours when I'm out doing garden ,yard work. Often I just sit outside and read and keep a eye on them. They stay in the yard .My land is wooded right off my yard and sometimes they do go up into the woods I always holler them right back and they come back.
Tonight around 7:12 my neighbor called to tell me she was driving by my house. Mine is the 2nd one on the dead end road. She saw 3 foxes in my yard! I quickly grabbed a flash light shinned it out the window and sure enough right out in my yard there they were .
So now the cats will have to stay inside I won't dare let them out with me. I know they will be watching me out the window sadley. I have so much leave raking and putting the gardens to bed for the winter I will be out alot this coming week. I'm going to miss them being out with me as much as they will miss being out. I'm going to have to be tough as its not safe for them outside if there are foxes around.
I saw a fox earlier today myself about a mile and half up the road from me in the after noon. This is the 1st time I have ever seen any foxes near me. And I have lived here for years.
It won't be the same outside in the gardens with out them. But I have to keepthem safe.
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Wow I bet that was scarey. I wouldnt let them back out either. YIKES 3 of them at the same time?
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well let me tell you a story here.

Couple of weeks ago a friend called me said he had picked up and new bow for hunting season. He asked if he could come out to my house and do some shooting since i live out in the country, I told him sure.

how we were in the back yard shooting at some hay, i let the cats out on the deck which has a screen around to keep the bugs out. my friend said he look there, well a fox had come out of the woods and was standing off to the right, and was sniffing the air. This was the middle of the day, not even dusk yet. The fox walked so near to us that I could have reached out and touched him. the wife even took some pics of him.

Well the fox was watching the cats, so we throw the pop bottles at him and yelled to chase him off, at first i thought we had scared him away,, but a few min later he came back this time he went running for the deck, and bounced off the screen , jumping again, he managed to rip a hole in the screen and get his head in. WE yelled and stuff, but he just
ignored us this time. and was treaing the screen more.

i am sorry to say, that we both had to shoot the fox, The back door to my house was open, all i could think of was he was going to get in the house with one more jump.
kill the cats or hurt Itta

I took the fox to my fathers house, wrapped him up in a old blanket, and buried him with the pets i had as a kid. I still feel bad about it, Maybe he was sick, or something.

anyway it is much better to play safe and keep your cats in the house.

PS i am adding some chain link fence to the bottom of the deck so, if there ever is next time, nothing can jump though.
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that's scary... do you think maybe it was rabid? I've never heard of a fox being so aggressive...
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i dont know, every fox i had ever seen has been when its almost dark or early in the morning. They have always ran away.

I know the Gov had been dropping drugs for rabies around the area.
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What you need to do with your deck is bury hardware cloth (do you know what that is??) about 6 inches down from where your fencing will end and many animals can dig underneath any fencing.
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Aw, poor kitties have to stay inside, but we wouldn't want anything happening to those gorgeous Meezers

Wow imp, that fox had to have had something wrong with to act that way you only did what you had to do

We have coyotes in our area, my aunt is only letting her dogs out under close supervision as they're little furballs, just the right size for a coyote snack
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
What you need to do with your deck is bury hardware cloth (do you know what that is??) about 6 inches down from where your fencing will end and many animals can dig underneath any fencing.
No i dont know what that is,
but the deck is raised about 4 inches up off the ground,with a concrete slab under the wood. SO no digging
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OMG!!! We have coyotes here and have seen several close to our house.Summer before last, we had a Bobcat take up home on our hill side.
Sorry you have to keep your babies in.I'm sure they'll understand soon!!
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