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Best thing to clean litterbox with?

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I've always just used pine sol or whatever I have on hand..Not sure if that is safe though..

What do you all use to clean it?
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I use Nature's Miracle cleaner, or dish soap.
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Don't use scented stuff like Pine Sol because no matter what you do you can't get rid of all the scent. Some cats really hate it when their litterboxes are scented. I use plain white vinegar, which is great at cleaning urine and fecal stains and the scent washes away easily (as opposed to scented commercial products). If it needs more than that I use dish soap.
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I've heard that something in the Pine Sol can be toxic to kitties so I wouldn't use that, I use dish soap
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A splash of bleach in the water to soak the pans. They sit in my laundry tub, and I have a tiolet brush there just for scrubbing litter boxes. I get lots of fosters, and we often have worms, and are giving weekly doses of Strongid. So I just have a habit of bleaching out the litterboxes when I dump them.

I know you have to really rinse well. But with bleach I'm sure I've killed any germs. This is also good between fosters, so the newbies aren't exposed to any cooties from the previous kitty.
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Actually at my daughter's preschool we soak the toys in a very diluted bleach solution once a month. We were told we don't have to rinse -- just air dry because bleach (including the smell) evaporates. Kids often put these toys in their mouth and no one has complained of tasting bleach yet!
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I also use bleach. I rinse well and wipe with an old towel to dry!
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I use a tad bit of bleach and some water. I soak, scrub and dry with a towel.
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I use either Fresh Scent Javex and water. Or I use Mr. Clean and water. Either way I scrub the pan with my toilet brush and get all of the nooks and crannies and then let it soak for about 10 minutes, so long as there isn't a line up waithing for the box, hehe. Then I rinse it really, really, really well and dry it with a cloth.
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I use very diluted bleach, or sometimes Dawn dish detergent.
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i use pinsol.
Sometimes a tad bit of bleach depending on how bad it gets.

never tried dishsoap, but i do use it to clean the substrate in my pythons cage. dont wanna use anything to harsh.
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Pine Sol is poisonous to cats! It contains an ingredient called "phenol"
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I clean it with steam (I have a steam cleaner that I use on everything - floors, windows, the bathroom....) Before I got it, I used a cleanser designed for use in rodent, etc., cages, figuring if it was non-toxic for small pets, it would be safe for litter boxes.
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I ended up just using worked out well
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I use Windex diluted with water. I figure since Windex has ammonia the cat will not mind it.
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Every week when I dump the litter I wipe the box out with Lysol cleaning wipes, then about every month I wash it out with dish soap.
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I hope this doesn't sound gross but I remove all the litter, fill the tub with very hot water, dawn dish soap and some bleach, and let the box soak while I go wash down the litter area including baseboards and walls. I use a small brush and scrub it including the corners and under the rim, then drain the tub and rinse it well with really hot water. I use an old towel saved especially for the purpose to dry it. I put in new litter and while the kitty is christening the new, clean box (why do they do that?), I scrub my tub with cleaner and bleach, hot water and wipe it down.

I use flushable litter so no spare bits of litter get in the drain, and since I scoop three times a day the box is not very messy and really easy to clean. I am not thrilled about using the bathtub but it is the only large space for cleaning I have in the apartment - I don't have a laundry tub or garden hose or anything. And I know how clean I get my tub since I started doing this - no half-assed cleaning job anymore!
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not View Post
I am not thrilled about using the bathtub but it is the only large space for cleaning I have in the apartment
I've never thought about cleaning Pippins tray in the bath!!!!! I've always struggled with the teeny tiny kitchen sink!!!!!!!

Clever girl
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I also clean the litterbox in the tub/shower. And I use a mild antibacterial soap.

Bleach is not really good because it creates ammonia when the cats urinate on it. (I used to use bleach until a few people told me I shouldnt. )
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I use the tub, too Using the hose would be ok in the summer, but too cold in the winter.
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I just bought some litter box cleaning wipes at Petsmart, just in case the Lysol wipes I had been using weren't safe. These are pet safe and I had a coupon so I thought I'd give them a try.
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I use "clorox anywhere" on all my kids things, my dogs things, and will probably use it on Pumpkins things as well.
Spray it on and let it dry-it's a very weak bleach solution.
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I usually use bleach and hot water, but now I think I'm going to try dish soap and vinegar. I always worry that I don't rinse the boxes enough when I use bleach.

I use the tub too
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