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OK to get him stoned every evening?

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This is getting tiresome
I come home and the first thing I do is bring Brady some fresh water and some american cheese singles. Since the dogs come with me, I pass out cheese nibbles to the three of them.

Then I go for a walk/jog/play with the dogs, come back and prepare animal dinner. Currently everyone gets fed downstairs. Brady has not made any attempt to leave the downstairs bedroom. I guess a steady supply of yummy food, a plushy warm place to sleep and a clean place to pee/poo beat freedom in the great outdoors.

I bring all three dishes downstairs and then brush Brady for a while, then the food bowls get put down. The dogs eat quickly, Brady takes his time. Sophia by the way is very good about sneaking in to the room and hardly moving, basically being non-threatening.

Brady will hiss at Sophia once or twice but he seems ok with her being halfway in the room. I sprinkled some catnip on his plastic track toy and has that been a big hit! He forgets everything! I dang near put some catnip on the dog!

So again I put catnip on the toy and watched him go nuts. Is too much bad for them? Sorry if this is an ignorant question, noob cat meowmy here.
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Not sure, but the cardboard scratching post has catnip on it - tho they don't use it all the time.

I think I'd only give them catnip directly 2-3 times a week at the most.
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I only give catnip once or twice a week. I don't want the effects of it to wear off. I consider it a treat for them, not a daily part of their routine.

I'd rather spend time playing interactively with my kitties using one of the fishing rod type toys or a real fur stuffed mouse.
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Hi and thanks. I'd rather play interactively too, but my semi-feral isn't quite there yet. So far the only toy he will play with is that ball in the trackwith the cardboard in the center, and he loves it! I am trying to get him over his fear of the dogs, of my husband etc so he will come out of the room.

But I will lay off the catnip until next week!
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I think I've read/heard somewhere that if you give them catnip too often they will become less responsive to it. Although I don't think putting it on the dog would be a bad idea if he's still leary of them. I used cat nip to get my kitties aquainted. It worked pretty well because they were both so preoccupied w/ getting their fun on that Frankie forgot to be mean to wickett.
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I grow fresh catnip for Oberon, who eats a leaf or two, but when we got Lily, she went crazy over it! She'll eat as much as I give her! I asked our vet about it and she said it was fine and wouldn't hurt her at all.

Cheers, from
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After reading the title of your post that is soooooooo not what I thought you were going to ask!

I'm glad to hear it's just catnip!
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Well that was how he acted. I think it was his first time.
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The title of this thread is certainly eye-catching!

I have catnip out for Gizmo every two days. She likes it dry, taken on the floor. I had two catnip plants in the window this summer but after an epidemic of white fly (which Gizmo also happily ate) I took the plants out. She loves to eat it and occasionally roll in it.
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None of my 5 have anything to do with catnip.They don't care for it.
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The most important question... Did he inhale?
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Originally Posted by Foofy Cat Lady View Post
The most important question... Did he inhale?
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Judging by the way he was rolling around on that track ball thing, he not only inhaled, he make no apologies for it!
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my cats love cat nip but it sends the younger ones and on it makes them mentle
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
None of my 5 have anything to do with catnip.They don't care for it.
Try a different brand. I find that my cats like some, hate some and just love some. I'm currenty buying one brand from pet valu and they absolutely love it. The leaves are crushed small (like parsley flakes) and not ground up into a powder like I've seen some other brands do like Hartz.
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