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My little devil.....

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has turned into an angel!

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Oh my goodness, I think he actually LIKES the costume. Are you sure he's a cat? LOL.
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That's just darn right adorable. Look at that strut in the second picture!
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She DOES like to dress up. She is a cornish rex, so she doesn't have much hair. We live in Montana, and it gets pretty cold here. Even though she is an indoor kitty, she wears a little shirt to keep her warm in the winter!
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Trout would rip that off so fast
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Oh! I'm so sorry I called her a BOY! Smudge is okay about getting dressed up, but it is because he is such a clown!
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LOL!!! that picture is soo funny!!!
You should post it in the pictures contest hehe!
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A Cornish Rex!!! She is beautiful. I had to bring my cornish rex, Zander, over to take a look. He is sad she lives so far away but send a special virtual head butt her way. I just love this breed. Her coat looks nicely waved and soft. Is she as mischevious as the thread title suggest. I say my Zander just has too much personality for his body. He doesn't particularly like clothes though, he prefers to snuggle with mommy under a fleece blanket.

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Awwwww she's a little angel

I'll move this to fur pages
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That is about the cutest thing I've seen in a while!! She really does look like she's enjoying it!
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Awww! She looks so happy as an angel!
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LOL she's adorable! And she sure doesn't seem to mind it at all.
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What a cute little angel!
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