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I could NOT, in conscience, leave this kitten!

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Ok, so...I found a little, tiny 5-6 week old kitten, & actually thought it was dead. Picked it up and it MOVED! It's poor little eyes were matted shut, as was it's little nose. I cleaned off it's face and it opened it's sick little eyes. I gave it some liquid antibiotics, I had(for another feral, older cat), --it took them, and wanted more! So, I gave it dropperfuls of water and then spoonfed it some canned catfood mixed with water. Then, it looked like it got real bad again(like, in a coma), so, I wrapped it up in a soft cloth (CRIED my eyes out!! ) and took it to the Vet's. I figured, he'd put it to sleep. Well......... at 6pm, I checked and they said it was doing better!!!!!! OK so that is GOOD! HOWEVER, my husband is very, very ill and in/out of the hospital. Taking in a sick kitten, would not be fair to that kitten, as we are gone to the hospital so much. Besides, my husband is not wanting another kitty I talked to the Vet's office and told them the situation. I told them I could not, in conscience, walk off and leave that sick and dying little kitten on the bikepath. They were so nice about it, but said the kitten was so ill, they may well, have to put it down.
Well, this afternoon, I called and that little kitty is SO IMPROVED!! It is up and around, and eating. NOW, I was really, really happy AND upset!!!!! I told the Vet tech about my husband and how I had such a dillemma. She called back and said: "Don't worry! The VET is taking the kitten to HIS house and giving it a home with him!" YAY!!!!!!
Today is a GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!

See? SOMETIMES, good things DO happen in this world!!!!
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That is so great! That little kitty has a fabulous home now, thanks to you!
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You and your vet did a wonderful thing. Thanks for rescuing this precious little and seeing to his care.
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Oh my!!! That is GREAT news!! Aw, you saved that little one, you must be on top of the world
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OMG!! The FUNNIEST thing today:
My brother called on the phone and left this message for me:
"Hi, this is Brian and I am looking for the "Cat Whisperer"....
THAT just cracked me up!!!!

P.S. The kitten is doing just GREAT now!! --YAY!!!
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I'm so happy you found the kitten and your Vet is an Angel!!!
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That is an AWESOME story!!!!
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Missy&SpikesMom said: "Hi, this is Brian and I am looking for the "Cat Whisperer".

My sisters friend called me a cat whisperer, because im the only one who thinks of ways to bond with all the cats.

By the way great to hear about the kitten you rescued, that's an amazing rescue.
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What a beautiful happy-ending story. Bless you for doing this good thing.
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Oh, you had me scared there for a bit! I'm so glad the little sweetie found a home, and good on you for taking the time to help the little guy
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What a wonderful ending - bless you for pleading on behalf of the kitten! I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} for your husband and you - sounds like your "plate is full and overflowing" enough already And, yet, despite all your own tough times, you took the time to rescue a poor, sick kitten - Heaven has a special place for wonderful people like you
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What a wonderful story for the little kitten! Thanks to you and your vet the kitty will have a good life. Here are more {{{vibes }}} for you and your husband.
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