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Need Some Help for Someone Else

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Hello a friend of my parents living in the Phoenix, AZ area found two orphanned three week old kittens. Their mother was killed by a car. The kittens are being fed. Does anyone know of anywhere she could contact that will foster and adopt out bottle babbies? I do not know the details but this person can not keep these kittens. The vets offices there are not helpful. My family and I can not physically help because we are in Chicago. Any resources that could be provided would be great.
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They can check this site:

This rescue is in Phoenix. Good luck and thank them for saving the poor cats.
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Thanks gizmocat. I will forward the information to her.
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I've posted some more no-kill shelter addresses under another topic. Look for "no kill shelters in phoenix"

good luck
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did any of the addresses help? Were your parents able to place the kittens in one of the shelters?
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I fowared the list of shelters. My parents friend has been making calls but so far has been told everything is full. If you have any other ideas please let me know.
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I'd go to the churches and post a flyer asking if anyone wanted to foster these kittens. Surely there must be SOMEONE in Arizona who has done this. It's as good a network as any.
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Thanks Nancy. That is a great idea. I never thought about having her contact churches. I will give the information to my parents.
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Originally Posted by catlover73 View Post
Thanks Nancy. That is a great idea. I never thought about having her contact churches. I will give the information to my parents.
The United Methodist Church considers Creation to be placed in our stewardship and caring for animals is a very important mission. And I know that the Catholics have a service wherein the animals are blessed; I think it has something to do with St. Francis of Assisi.
I am sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} to your parents' friend that she quickly find the assistance that she needs, and bless her for caring for those babies. As for you, reaching out from Chicago to assist her:
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Well, a lot of people adopt kittens because they're cute; and then fall in love with them. If you can get this sort of person to fall in love with said kittens, and make sure they're the sort of person who loves cats (and not just kittens), you're doing good.

Advertise those kittens in a vet's office, shelter, etc. with pictures (a thousand words, and all that). Say they're young and need special care--no surprises. If your friend can keep the kittens until they're old enough not to need to be stimulated to poop, they'll be more attractive. Bottle-feeding a kitten, once they're past that neonatal stage, is pretty fun to do, even though you have to feed often (I bottle-fed my Tiger, and I was only nine at the time); and most workplaces shouldn't mind a kitten in a box in the corner.

Charge money for them, to avoid impulse-adoptions and unscrupulous people who'd just sell them to labs. Interview the prospective adopter to make sure that they know how to raise bottle babies. Get them to sign a statement that says they'll neuter and not declaw the kits.

See... your friend cares about these kittens, obviously. So she wants to find them a good home, not just "get rid of" them--this is why she's not dumping them at a kill shelter, right?

While the kittens are small, they can be kept to one room, out of the way of allergic people, cat-hating landlords, etc. So if she can keep them until they are at least 8 weeks old, and adopt them out together, then she mightn't need to worry about getting someone else to raise them at all.
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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone has given me so far. I have been forwarding the ideas to my parents.
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Any updates on how the kittens and your parents' friend are doing???
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Hi catsknowme,

I do not have any updated information yet. I was out of town all weekend. I just got home around midnight my time. Last I heard before I left was that the kittens were still being taken care of and that a neighbor in AZ may be helping out.
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thank you for the update! It's good to know that so far, the kittens have care and that there is a possiblility of a wonderful neighbor helping out. What a wonderful support group your parents' friend has managed to maintain for herself It is heartwarming to see the compassion and willingness to get involved that has surrounded the kitten
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Your parents are very kind to help these poor kittens. I hope that they are able to find some assistance since clearly that is in short supply among the more formal organizations in PHoenix.
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Any news on the kittens? Has someone adopted them yet or do your parents still have them?
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I have not heard anything else. Last I heard this person's neighbor was helping.
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