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My Bailey

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Since Petals and Tiggy have their own thread, we can't leave my baby out.

eating some turkey that Jerry had in a sandwich when he first found him.

He was so dirty!

My precious little guy getting what looked like poo washed off him when we found him..........boy was he a mess.

He sure was playful though!!

getting bigger!!!

My sister and Bailey

his first Halloween

My handsome lovebug now!
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Bailey you're such a cutie! He always has such a goofy expressino on his face
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Oh he looked so tiny in Jerry's hands!!! What a sweetie!!!
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Bailey has truly come a long way from the tiny dirty kitten ..... look how beautiful he is
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awwww, wittle bailey!!! he's sooooo cute! he really looks like he's long haired in that one pic! and all grown up now.....
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I hate to say this but Baily looks like Minman Even when he was small He's a real cutie
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
I hate to say this but Baily looks like Minman Even when he was small He's a real cutie
Spooky about our crews huh?
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What a beautiful boy!
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awww Bailey Lovely to see him go from a dirty little stray kitten to a big healthy loved housecat
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Bless his little cotton socks. When you think the condition he was in when Jerry found him and look at him now

You did great chick
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What a transformation! He's a fine little boy, and even has that cute black nose like my Gizmo.
How nice that the poor dirty kitten has done so well in life, and looks so happy.
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Beautiful pictures!
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Thanks everyone!!
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I remember when Jerry first brought a very scared and dirty Baily home.
With your love and care....Bailey have grown into a gorgeous, healthy cat.
Congratulations on a job well done.
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Awww, such a hansom fellow you have there
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Bailey is quite the cutie!
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Awwww! I just love his little face!!! What a handsome little guy!
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