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My Wedding Photos!

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Hi everyone.
Well, I have some exciting news. We've received our professional wedding pictures and I've finally posted (the majority of) them on snapfish.com. Here's a link to our photos if you'd like to see them: http://www1.snapfish.com/share/p=308...=SYE/otsi=SALB
Warning- there are 587 photos on here, so only look at them if you have lots of time to kill and have a high-speed connection!

ETA: For anyone who does not wish to join snapfish, I'm going to put some wedding pictures on this actual thread! Pics coming soon....
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Do you have to register to look at them, Amy?
I can only see the one and it states "view photos" but it won't let me!!!!!
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Aw man! I want to look, but they don't let you unless you have an account.
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It wont let me view them either .....
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won't let me into the album....
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Nope, you do not need to be registered with the site to view them. I apparently sent the wrong link, so I'll fix it now and change the link in the original post in just a second. Thanks for alerting me to that Cindy!!
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I can't wait to see them!
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Well FOOEY! I thought you didn't have to join Snapfish to view, but the only way you can view my pics without joining Snapfish is if I email you an invitation to view (darn security). So if you'd like to PM me with your email address, I'll be glad to send you an invitation . Meanwhile, I'm going to work on posting a few of the pics here on this thread!
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Well I'll have time tomorrow I'll have to look (no hi-speed internet for me!!)
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Oh wow Amy
I just registered anyway, its only a few details.
I just looked through all of them on a slide show while my TV programme was on. They were absolutely beautiful! What an amazing day it must have been.
Brad is so handsome with his cheeky smile, and you look so gorgeous!
I loved the photo of your hand hanging by your side, where you can see your ring. Infact I loved them all but that one was really creative.
The little girls are just adorable too!
If I were you I'd be looking at those photos over and over again
Oh and that g-string!! Made me laugh
Thanks for sharing
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Amy! You look so gorgeous!!!!! I loooovvvveee them!
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They are fantastic! Every thing was so beautiful! I went through every one! Just not in one sitting! So pretty!
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It still won't let me view the wedding pics without joining
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I cant view the pics
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Ahhh what a Beautiful Wedding and Your looked just lovely everyone looked great and seemed like they all enjoyed it...Congratulations and Many Many Happy Years
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
It still won't let me view the wedding pics without joining

Amy says you have to have an invite from her so if you want one PM her your e-mail address. I just joined anyway because it just takes a second. It's worth it, her pictures are beautiful
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I joined i just finished now looking at them, i looked at them untill number 360 last night hehe
Very cool wedding! now show us the video!
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Those pictures are wonderful! You looked so beautiful! I love your hubby's crooked smile!! Its really cute! And his cake was cute too! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Congrats again! Oh yea! I love the pics of you and your dad dancing!!
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all of the very, very kind words! We were very VERY happy with how the pictures came out- mad props to my photographers!!
Thanks for the sweet comments on Bradley's crooked smile- it's one of the things I love most about him. He's had it since he was a baby- the muscles on one side of his mouth are weak, but I think it's what makes him so unique!
Apparently you do have to join to view snapfish photos (it's easy and free to join, but I know a lot of people don't want to join MORE things), so I'm going to work today on resizing some of my fave pics and posting them on this thread .
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beautiful pics
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Even with the personal invite it didn't let me view them, so I'll join and check them out!
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I love them Amy!!

I'm not done looking at all of them yet...but I just love them. Your dress was beautiful, and Bradley looked so handsome in his tux.

I noticed you had seahorse ornaments on the head table as well
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My flower girls: (on left, my friend's daughter Emma, next to her is my niece Mary-Cass, and hugging me is my friend's daughter Maddie)

The bridesmaids: (from left:my friend Nicole (Emma's mom), my childhood friend Christina, Matron of Honor Amanda, me, Maid of Honor Elizabeth, and sister-in-law (and Mary-Cass' mom) Melody)

Some detail on my dress:

Bottom's up!

Bradley thought of this picture all by himself

More pictures to come!!
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Maddie giving herself the once-over in the mirror:

The guys on the way to the ceremony:

Brad when he first saw me come out:

Our first time seeing each other at the altar:

My mom getting emotional (I love this angle):

I do!

He may kiss the bride!

We did it!
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Seeing what we engraved in each other's rings:

Group photo time!
My brothers (on left, Ken, on right, Jeff) and I:

I like this one of the bridal party:

A sweet moment

The first dance:

The groom's cake:

A close-up of our cake:

It was GOOOOD!

Everybody get down!!
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Amy, I looked at all 500 of them last night - they are all beautiful! You guys look so very happy. My favorite picture is the one you posted previously titled your first dance - you just look SO happy

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Amy - oh my goodness - you look amazing!! You both look so happy. Thank you for sharing. Everything looks so perfect and you guys look so in love. Very good photographer. I need to take more time to look through your snapfish pics.

Can you believe after all that planning it's over so fast!? I would love to do the whole day all over again.
P.S. - I love your bridesmaids dress...and you look gorgeous in your gown.
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Amy IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture when Bradley sees you for the first time. What a great smile! And the pic of your mom crying.....that IS a great angle...I am working on looking at them all. Congrats! And what makes it even more special is that you got married on MY 21st birthday...what could be better?!?!
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awww! you look soo gorgeous in your wedding pictures!!! I hope you two have lots of happy years to come!
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Thank you so much y'all Courtney- I love that picture of Bradley, too. It is the first time I have ever seen him able to make a full smile and not just his half smile .
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