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Does your cat bathe you?

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Ceci has a weird sort of habit. When she starts grooming herself she will lick my hand and arm, and sort of nibble on it. Is she weird or do other cats also do this?

Its such a weird feeling, that sandpaper tongue cleaning your hand!

Does your cat do this?
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this is normal. my cat does it all the time. its her way of showing you that you are loved, and that they want to take care of you.the first sign of love they got was food, and a good tongune cleaning from mom.

my cat will even come in to our room when SHE thinks its time to get up and then lick out forheads tell we wake up.
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Only two of my cats lick me but I try to discourage it because they always end the licking with a chomp. Love...yeah right.
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My cat, Patsy, does it all the time.
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Like everybody else said, I think its a way to show affection. Petunia licks my nose and my toes and Pepper licks my arm usually. Petunia will actually claw me and bite me if I don't hold still- it reminds me of the momma cats that I used to have when their kittens were being fresh.
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All 11 of my cats do it. Fortunately not at the same time or I'd be covered w/ kitty drool.
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I think Maui has a nose licking fetish!
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Mica's bathing my feet right now. Just took a shower and apparently I "stink"
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One of my cats out of the two does the same for me. Ronnie also has his paw on me whilst he does it so if I try to pull away I get scratched!

Like others have said I think its just a sign of affection.
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I think Harriet does it so that I'll keep petting her. Say i'm petting her actively, then I stop, she will then lick me 2 or 3 times then look at me like "okay, I did you, now do me!" and she usually yells at me after that like "GET BACK TO WORK!"

Ahhh... cats!
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stoli loves cleaning the inside of my ears.
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