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Well, that was just mean!

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Ok a little background info: Last year I fostered a bunch of cats for a local woman...a bunch! At one point she said I needed a cat tree. She was seriously getting on my nerves, so I told her no, I didn't. One day one of her workers (she owns a thriving business) shows up with a cat tree...fine...whatever. She said not to worry about it, I was paying for food, litter, and doing all the work. Well today, a year and a half later, she calls and said she wants it back, so she sent two workers to come and get it.

My girls are sad. And treeless.
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Oooh that is soo rude! I would have told her that she wanted them to have it, so to push off, now that she has given it to the cats and they love it, she should have a bit more heart, and that its wrong for her to just take it away!
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Wow, what a jerk. Maybe you should send her a bill for all the cat food, litter, etc.

Cheers, from
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I can't imagine that anyone would want a cat tree after a year and a half of cats using it ... My two have practically destroyed all the carpeting on theirs, and it's scarcely been in the house for six months!
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Ugh. I hate people like that!
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don't worry Kelly, karma is a biotch. What goes around comes around that's for sure! She will (or won't) get hers someday! Maybe you should say something (politely) about how you feel it's rude and inconsiderate.
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what the heck is wrong with people?! when you give someone something to have and not borrow, you should let them keep it, imo anyways. what an ignorant lady!!
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I cannot even fathom that type of behavior. Rude, rude, rude.

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People never cease to amaze me!
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That's terrible!!, you are right...mean, mean, mean!
post #11 of 25 mean...........some people just dont get that at all
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I would have told her to frell off. Tell her you want remuneration for the funds invested in the cats at the time in respect to food litter and general care and see what she says. Better yet send a registered letter CC's to a legal aid. You can even take her to small claims court.

Who me bitter!? have people done the same to me, what makes you think that!!??
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That is pretty rude. About 2 years ago I gave away my cat tree to a friend that recently took in a mother cat with one kitten. My cats hardly ever used it anyway.

When my cat had kittens there were serveral times I thought about that tree and wish I would have kept it for them to climb on but I would have NEVER asked for it back.

Geez that is so mean.

I would have told I am keeping it.
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what a heifer! i'd be mad too!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
what a heifer! i'd be mad too!

I would have been more than mad, how rude!!!! You should have just not opened the door for those workers to get it , ever
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Mean. Rude. Thoughtless. Inconsiderate. All true, and all woefully inadequate -- but this is a family-rated site, so I won't go any farther down that road.

Bummer, Kelly!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Wow, what a jerk. Maybe you should send her a bill for all the cat food, litter, etc.

Cheers, from
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What a RUDE inconsiderate lady! What is wrong with her? Surely she´s not going to sell it now? It must be pretty wrecked?
Your poor kitties now, without a tree.
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You try to do something nice and cost free for someone and it kicks you in the butt!!
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I was just telling someone else that during the time that I was fostering, she kept saying that I needed an air conditioner in my dining room because the nearby kitten room was close by, and I needed a screen door on the kitten room. Both true, but I had neither the time nor the muscle to do so. She calls me one morning saying she saw AC's on sale, and she could get a screen door, and her guys would install them. I finally agreed. When I asked her how much I owed her, she charged me not only for the A/C and the screen door (which I fully expected to pay), but charged me labor. I wrote a check to her for over $400! I couldn't wait until I placed the last of the cats I was fostering for her. She kept trying to bully me into taking more, but I wouldn't. I guess in a way this is the last vestige of that I'm truly shut of her.

Thanks for being angry with me It's done, and it's not a battle I choose to fight. I will get my girls something else...something brand, spanking new!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Wow, what a jerk. Maybe you should send her a bill for all the cat food, litter, etc.
sounds reasonable to me. then you could afford to purchase your own cat tree!
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You'll get them an awesome new cat tree of their very own!
That lady, well I can imagine she has a hard time keeping people on for fostering.
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How could she take something from sweet innocent kitties after that long?!!

The nerve!
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Well that's bull Kelly, I don't think I would have let her have it back People cease to amaze me alot... Check out e-bay if your wanting one, they are so expensive in the pet stores, I have 2 but there not big tall ones but they love them jusy as much.
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Kelly, that woman is a bully.
You will never be able to deal with her & are lucky that you can stay away from her.

She is stuck within her obnoxious self.
How's that for justice?
It should help you feel better.
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