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I have a 3-month old kitty that I found when he was about 6 weeks old (ferral kitten). He learned to use the litterbox right away and has turned into a sweet and energetic kitten.

About a week ago he all of a sudden got terrible diarrhea and this would cause him to race around the house as he was going...very fun to clean up. Immediately took him to the vet and they gave me Flagyl. After 4 days on that there was no improvement and his stool was still very runny and he was continuing to "poop on the run". So I took him back and they ran even more test and still are just coming back with a bacterial infection, no parasites. This time they gave me Panacur for worms and Amoxi-drops for the bacterial infection. They also gave me Centrine for the diarrhea. It has been 3 days with this new line up of meds and his stool is getting a lot firmer but he is still going into a frenzy when he goes poop and trying to run. This is getting very frustrating as you can imagine so he is now in the bathroom...aka "Poop Prison". His eating, drinking and playing are all still normal and they gave me a low-residue wet food for him.

So I had a few questions....

1. Is the Centrine going to end up blocking him up? It does say to use as needed so now that things have improved slightly I was going to cut the dosage in half.
2. Should I also combine pumpkin or some other natural remedy to go along with what the vet has prescribed?
3. I imagine that his avoidance to the litterbox is because his bum is sore and he associates the litterbox with that pain. Is there anything I can do for that?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!