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Im worried about Tino !!

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Just a little bit ago, I was getting up from my chair, as I turned around Tino was right underfoot, I accidentally, stepped on his paw (he meowed) and as I lifted that foot, I stepped on his other paw with my other foot. Then I got so frustrated in the moment, I lost my whole balance and fell.... I immediately got up to check on Tino.

Tino was standing there with his tail quivering and purring loudly, brushing up against my leg. I called him to the couch, he came and rolled over on his back still LOUDLY purring ........I cant figure out if Tino is a sadist or a masochist ....

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I've done the same thing, but it usually involves 2 kitties and its most likely to happen at dinner time Mine always come right back too
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Aw, Pami, he knows you didn't do it on purpose...Just keep an eye out that he's not limping or anything..he'll be fine
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Pudge does that to me, too. Usually when I'm doing things in the kitchen. Of course, when I turn back around five minutes after checking on her, she's right under my feet again...
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Tino is fine, but he keeps looking at me with a smirk on his face, I think hes remembering my fall and laughing inside.
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Silly Tino! I wish I'd had that reaction when I accidentally clipped Tibby's paw while packing today! He just turned to me with such dismay and hissed at me!

Maybe he was saying that with all the packing things are getting a little on the messy side?!
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Awww Pam, it's ok. I think we've all stumbled over our kits from time to time. Or at least I do! You should see some of the dances I've had to do to keep from falling/stepping completely on my babies.........
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What a sweet boy Tino is! Hope you're Ok as well as Tino...
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Poor little guy...I swear you do it just to watch us fall down
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Ouch! I hope you weren't hurt either.

I feel really guilty, I trod on Radar's foot last night and he yowled, I have never heard him make anything but happy noises before that, and I was quite freaked out thinking I had broken my poor kitten, but he was fine.

Seriously, I know that cats are intelligent creatures, but why oh why do they never seem to learn that if they run under their human's feet, they are at some point going to get stepped on?
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