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Jealous Kitten...Help!!

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Hi. A little background first: I have 2 cats. 1 is named Ozzy (1 1/2 years old) he is the sweetest cat you could possibly imagine. Loves attention, loves to be pet, held, anything. Never jealous. My other cat is Daisy (11 months) she is also a very sweet cat. Loves to be pet (by me only). Hates to be held or be too close. I recently had a baby, Conner (5 months). I believe Daisy has become jealous of Conner. She gets along great with Ozzy. And Ozzy likes Conner. He tries to play with him and snuggle him. Daisy doesn't want to be near Conner AT ALL. She even urinated in his car seat one day. She has started to urinate all over the house but I cannot find where the smell is coming from. I don't ever see her do it. Could it be because she is jealous of Conner? I haven't paid any less attention to her than I did before so I don't know why she would be doing this. Is there anything I can do about this? PLEASE HELP!!

P.S. I read the previous thread about Peeing Problems but it doesn't answer my specific question!!

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She COULD be jealous, but I think she may have an infection. Have you noticed a little blood in the urine? I would call my vet ASAP and tell him/her what is happening.
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I agree - after 5 months I think it is probably an infection rather than jealousy. I would recommend a vet visit for sure.
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Hi everyone and thank you for your advice. I brought Daisy to the vet for a check up to see if she had an infection and the doctor said she is in perfect health. He says alot of times cats can be jealous of new babies and it may take a while for the cat to adjust to the baby. But he said it will get better but he just can't tell me when. But the good news is, ever since we got back from the vet she has been going in her box every time! And I also caught her on the bed with my baby laying right next to him! I'm so happy that it's getting better!!
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