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Insert Image??

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I see the icon to do this and I see that everybody else can do it, even those with far fewer posts than I have but when I click on INSERT IMAGE it asks me for an URL. Looks like everybody else knows what to do at that point, but not me. I am used to supplying a disk location or something where the PSEG can be picked up. If I just supply an URL, how does it know how or which photo to pick up?? I have avoided asking this question for months because my business is creating web sites and this one has me stumped!

Thank you!!
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You supply the URL of the image, I see you already have them hosted on your webpage, so if you wanted this image:

you would rightclick on that image on your webpage, click properties and copy the photo's URL (may say location or URL) and paste it into the Insert Image box that pops up, in this case the URL would be http://www.superchiro.com/sitebuilde...i2-308x223.jpg
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If you go to http://www.photobucket.com/ and create an account, you can link to that site to show your pictures. Once you have an account and have uploaded some of your pics there, you will copy the bottom (there will be 3) link under your pics...it's the one called "image". You will then paste that link into the window that comes up when you clicked on "insert image". You can always preview your post before you submit it to make sure it is how you want it.
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Thank you and have a great day!!
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