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Aussie Newbie

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm living in Perth, Western Australia and am going to become a carer for orphaned and abandoned kittens, 0 to 8 weeks old. Kitten season hasn't started yet over here as we're still in Winter but I'm very excited about my new role and would welcome any advice or help you can give.

Can't wait!
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Kumbulu, That's great! Are you associated with a shelter? Will you be responsible for finding "parents" for these little ones? (Isn't Perth the city that turned on all of its lights for one of our space missions? I always think of Perth as the city of lights, even though I know that Paris has that nickname.) Do you have any kittens of your own? Tell us all about them, please. Let us know what you need. We have formula recipes (if you can't get kitty milk) and loads of hints. Just ask. There are some very knowledgable people here. Welcome!
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Hi Jeanie

Thankyou for the welcome! I'm not with any shelter but will be fostering for a few vets in my area. Once the kittens are healthy, strong and old enough, they'll be returned to the vet and then given to good homes.

Yes, Perth is the city that turned all it's lights on! I remember seeing some beautiful pictures they took from the spacecraft.

Yep, I have 3 cats of my own. Honey boy is a 5 year old sorrel silver Abyssinian, Milo is nearly 5 and he's a DSH Tabby and then there's my baby girl, Popcorn. She's 1 and is a DMH tortoiseshell. As you can see, all my kits are named after food, lol. Popcorn is very motherly with her toys, she carries them around in her mouth and mews 'till I take notice and then she puts them in her 'nest'. So I'm hoping that she might take an interest in the kittens and (if I'm lucky) take over cleaning duties.

For the upcoming kittens, I have 5 kilos of Wombaroo (an Aussie milk replacement powder) a small tub of colostrum powder, 5 little bottles, 10 teats designed for kittens and about 30 cloth diapers donated by friends. I have a box ready and Honey and Milo are currently lounging on the heatpad I will use. So, hopefully I'm ready to go but I'm a bit nervous lol

So there you are! I hope I've answered all your questions. I've been doing a lot of learning about caring for the kits on the net but nothing can beat real experience, I guess.
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What a wonderful thing you are doing! I'm sure the hardest part will be parting with the little angels you have fostered, even if you do know they are going to good homes. It sounds like you are pretty well-prepared, but if/when you have questions, there are people here who can help.

I love the names for your kitties. I call my black male cat "Honey-Bear", but his real name is Trent. And of course Honey and Milo took over the heating pad. They know where the good stuff is. Popcorn sounds like a real sweety, and she may just become a surrogate mama cat to those babies. It sounds like the mothering instinct is strong in her.

I look forward to getting to know you, and hearing all about kittens you take in. Most of us don't get the joy of having kittens around, so we love them vicariously through this site. All those babies have tons of cyber-godparents thinking of them!
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Our feral expert, Hissy, has had great luck introducing new kittens and cats to her brood by rubbing the newbies and the residents with the same towel, so that they will have some of the same scent. Maybe that will bring out Popcorn's motherly instinct. I'd watch carefully and introduce them gradually. I have successfully "talked" mother kitties into taking another's kittens, so you might have great luck. They really need to nurse, even if there's no milk. My collie dogs let two of my stray kittens nurse on them. That way the babies don't grow up to be wool suckers--usually!
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He he he he!

When I read your post I laughed when you said that Honey and Milo were using the heatpad! You may need to consider getting another - those guys think it's theirs and they may not appreciate a litter of little of kittens sharing it with them!

Sounds like your life is going to get very busy when the little orphans arrive - good luck (not that you need it) I'm sure you'll do just fine!

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I'm sure you know, but just in case--heating pads especially for kittens or pups are much safer than the ones we use. Your vet probably informed you of all of this, but my conscience would bother me if I didn't ask!
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Thankyou for your advice, LisaV and Jeanie. I DO have 2 heat pads, both being hogged by HB and Milo, so I think, once the warmer weather arrives, they won't mind me taking one of them for the kittens. Both heat pads are especially designed for animals, from babies up and I'll wrap it in a towel or blanket to make sure the kittens don't get too warm. The box they will go in has enough room for them to move away from the heat if they get too warm.

I saw the vet yesterday after getting Poppy's underside shaved and a microchip inserted and he says, "it's very soon", so I'm a bit more excited than before (if that's possibe!) LOL He was amazed at how organised I was and will teach me how to tube feed when the time comes. He also said, "you do realise that some will die?", and I told him that I realised no matter what you do, some kittens just won't make it and I've kind-of prepared myself for that, although it will be sad.

I will keep you all updated on the progress of all the kittens when they come and I'll tell them every day that all their cyber Aunties and Uncles are sending hugs and kisses.
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I hardly visit this forum anymore ( I know shame on me) I just have been so busy lately. Anyway this is a wonderful endeavor you are starting out with and if you have any questions I encourage you to just ask. Browse the other forums and do a search for newborn kittens, or orphans and read what comes up. Here is a product you might find helpful in reducing the stress both on you and all those kitties! Good luck and welcome to the Boards!

Snuggle Me
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What a great product!
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Just letting everyone know that I'm moving this topic to the cat lounge under the heading of Orphaned kittens so please reply there, I love hearing from people! lol
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Hi Kimbulu
,niceto have a person from Aussieland on the site.My younger son was in Freemantle for almost 3 monthon an exchange about 10 years ago.He liked Australia a lot and is planning to go back.Our eldest son went too inspired by his brother´s reports.If I weren´t disabled I´d probably try and go too.So ,sorry Ican´t give you any advice although I grew up on a farm. I´d need an example or a special case but advice in general is difficult you would have to ask questions or be a little more specificAll the best to down under you and your kittens Elisabeth
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kimbulu-Thats so nice of you to take care of newborn kitties. I'm sure you'll learn alot and enjoy the experience. Welcome to you and your kitties!
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Just letting everyone know that I'm moving this topic to the cat lounge under the heading of Orphaned kittens so please reply there, I love hearing from people! lol
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