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Post-op kitty not eating

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Ripley, my 11 year old female kitty, had an intestinal blockage surgically removed 3 weeks ago. In that time, she has shown no interest in eating on her own. I have been hand feeding her human baby food three times a day and supplementing her diet with liquid vitamins from the vet. She has been using the litterbox and there seems to be no reoccurrence of the blockage. I am desperate to find a way to get her to eat again. I have tried boiled chicken liver, salmon, tuna, mackeral, sardines, sour cream and countless different kinds of canned cat food (including some sold only by the vet). I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions.
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Have you spoken to your VET about this? If not please let him know what is going on. There are meds that can be given to help stimulate her appetite. My mothers Piper at one time, at her previous owner, had stopped eating - she was perscribed kitty prozac to get her eating again.

Discuss this with your VET - something else might be going on.

Good luck and plenty of XOXOXO for your baby
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My vet has had her on Winstrol (an anabolic steroid) since her surgery to help stimulate her appetite, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I spoke with him today and he wants to try giving her a steroid shot tomorrow morning. He didn't want to try the shot earlier because it slows down the healing process. Wish us luck!
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YES, of course - only the best of luck! Keep us in the loop!!
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On our trip to the vet today to get Ripley her cortisone shot, the vet found a lump in her abdomen that wasn't there last week when she had her stitches removed. An x-ray proved inconclusive as to it's origin (it shows up as a vague shadow in roughly the same area as the original blockage was). At this point, all we can do is keep an eye on it because she is not strong enough for more surgery. He gave her the shot, which hopefully will get her eating again.
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Just wanted you to know, I am pulling for Ripley to come through this.
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OH - I soo sorry to hear that - I am praying for your baby to get better soon.

Please let us know how she is progressing!!!
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Sending get well soon vibes to Ripley from the UK.
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Ripley felt better after her cortisone shot. She ate about 3 teaspoonful's of canned cat food last night on her own, however she couldn't keep it down. During the course of the night she threw up six times. I called my vet this morning and he fears that the lump he felt yesterday is probably another intestinal blockage. She feels terrible today, worse than ever. She doesn't want to be held or even petted, and couldn't even work up the tiniest purr. My vet and I agree that all viable options have been exhausted. She is not strong enough to survive another surgery, even if I thought that it would work. If she isn't feeling any better tomorrow morning, I will do the humane thing and end her misery. We've been fighting this battle since June 27th and I think that she's grown weary of the fight.
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While I can offer no reasonable advice, I can hold you both close to my heart and in my thoughts. This cannot be an easy time for you.

My continued best to you and yours,

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Can't stop thinking about her - How is Ripley?
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Ripley can no longer keep even water down. She throws up even when I think that she can't possibly have anything left inside. She cries when I pick her up and she feels so cold to the touch. My sister is going to take us to the vet this afternoon when she gets off work. I can't let her suffer, and it's clear that she is not going to get better. I have made arrangements for her to be cremated and the ashes returned to me. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. You have been a great comfort to me over the last few days. When my grief has become more tolerable, I will try to provide support for someone else the same way you have all supported me.
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Oh my - I know nothing I can say can stop the hurtand I know from experience that doing the right thing is the hardest thing one ever has to do.

In time the sorrow will be replaced by a smile when you think of her.

My thoughts are with you and sweet baby girl Ripley!
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