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Were they.. mating?

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I recently mentioned my cats in this post.

I was abruptly woken up at 3am by what sounded like the cats fighting, but when I turned on the light and walked outside, it looked a bit like what could be a mating ritual? Taby was sort of on top of her and biting her neck and just would NOT let go when I clapped or made loud noises, since this usually works when they're playing sort of becomes a fight. I had to scare them with water, lol. I didn't know what I was seeing, but I kinda figured it out.

Taby is neutered! But reading this article I see that doesn't really mean anything...

That article worries me though! Talks about that behaviour between a fixed male and fixed female. Fiona has NOT yet been spayed, I know she's old enough to get pregnant now. Is this why Taby was 'attracted'? Would it not happen again after she's been spayed? 'Cause I'm making an appointment asap.

This is kinda funny

EDIT: I found this other article, saying that it might not be sexual but he's just trying to show her who's boss? He's been kind of aggravated by her the last few days, when I lock him in at night and he has to put up with her constant desire to play. He sort of growls when she gets near. But they were alright last night... This other article worries me too, I hope he doesn't start this behavior.
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Yes, it is very possible they were mating. Some castrates know how to do it and does - although most dont remember or remembers it only partially (ah yea, right, it was something with taking a bite - where? only God knows! Lets try with the belly! And of course all variations thereof).

Drawback with this? If you intend to mate your female with a stud, it may be too late. She can very well get in a false pregnancy after such castrate mating...

The positive aspect? Some breeders do it with purpose, if they dont have pill or dont believe in the Pill. Hers heat-desperation will surely be lesser now.
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Simple dominance behavior - not sexual.
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She was terrified of him this morning and wouldn't go near him. But just now she went near him and wasn't afraid, licked his head and all.

So if this is dominance behaviour, which I think makes a lot of sense, does that mean they won't get along and he'll always be fighting her off OR does it only mean he's showing her he's the dominant one? Up until now he's been incredibly patient with her. If he was eating she'd come and push him out of the way and eat his food, etc. He's just stand there. Maybe he got tired of it and now that she's older he's showing her he's boss?

I'm still scheduling an appointment tomorrow to get her fixed.
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Originally Posted by mithrellas View Post
Maybe he got tired of it and now that she's older he's showing her he's boss?

I'm still scheduling an appointment tomorrow to get her fixed.

Ah, so she is young, barely grown up? Yes it may be so. Our stud Muskis was such very kind father to little Vagis, letting him do almost anything Vagis pleased. Like your male. It was first when Vagis get fertile young stud it changed, and it become apparent who is the kind but dominant revire-holder, and who is the young male who is allowed to be around but only as long as he behaves...

If you dont plan to have a litter it is of course best for all to fix. But do it when the heat is over, never during the heat. Dangerous.
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The fact that she's not spayed is probably causing the negative dominance behavior. I'm sure everything will be fine once she's spayed.
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One of my two neutered male cats does that to the other. Jumping on the other cat and biting the neck indicates dominance behavior.
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Good to know, thanks for the replies!
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