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Kitten has neurological problems?

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One of our 3 week old kittens shakes his head from left to right really fast at random times. He's also the loudest of the bunch, always meowing. Is it because he is in pain or discomfort? Do kittens normally shake when they sleep? When i was petting him he kinda fell asleep right away and a part of his stomach area started twitching.

So here are the symptoms.

Shaking head
Twitching/Spasm body
sneeze every once in a while

Can anyone help me out?

Here is a pic of him btw.

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I cant diagnois anything... but I HIGHLY recommend getting to a vet
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When our kittens were about that age, they would shake their heads back and forth and kind of shake when they were trying to stand up. A couple of them had big heads and had a bit of trouble lifting themselves up, but once they got going, they were fine. I'd still take him to the vet, but without knowing the situation, I thought I might offer some food for thought. By the way, he's a real cutie!!
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I would definately at least call your vet...but better to bring the kitty in
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What an adorable baby! (What is he wearing? I'm guessing it's a sock. It looks like a full length sweater!!)

Hopefully his movements are just the awkward movements of a very young kitten, and nothing more serious. With adult cats, I know that shaking the head can indicate ear mites or an infection. They will often twitch in their sleep while dreaming. Kittens commonly doze off abruptly - like human babies, it's pretty much sleep and eat until they're able to walk around. Still, I agree with the other members about speaking with your vet about your concerns and bringing the little one in if the vet thinks a closer look is warranted.

If you haven't done so already, you might also want to post in the "Pregnant Cats/Kitten Care" forum. There are members there with lots of kitten-raising experience that may be able to help too.
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