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I voted other because I occationally smoke Hookah. I love it, tastes really good and is a lot of fun.
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I have never smoked.

Reason... I was raised around grandparents who smoked and died from emphysema. I remember the coughing and hacking, it was horrible. I also can remember my grandfather with an oxygen tube in his nose and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

I swore to myself that I would never pick up the habit.
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I was raised in a non smoking household. Only two of us out of five children dont smoke. I think peer pressure got to them! I would never let anyone smoke in my home back when it was *acceptable* I had a note on the front door.
I wish my sister and brothers would quit, because I dont want to watch them get sick.
Those of you who mentioned you quit and went back. Never quit quitting!!!
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Never have and never will. I tried to take a drag once out of pure curiosity of what smoking feels like and couldn't even inhale it.

I think it's gross on just about ever level and knowing what we do about how smoking affects others and the environment, I think its a habit that is best relegated to the private homes of smokers. I am VERY supportive of PUBLIC indoor and outdoor bans. Even smoking "occassionally" or "responsibly" just adds to the havoc of air pollution and all that it entails, but if you want to smoke, that's your perogative.
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Yes, I do smoke occasionally. I do not handle stress well and that's when I smoke more, otherwise it's just one or two a day (somedays I may have none), which is usually on my lunch break. It I get stressed or worrying about something I may have 4-5 a day. I never smoke in my house though, would never expose Sash to that. It just helps to calm me down and think more clearly. Not a good thing, I know.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Good luck with that....i'm sure if you have a support net of somet type, that will help you to kick the habit.
actually, i've never quit using a support system or anything. i just stop cold turkey. works best for me, altho sometimes i have to quit 2-3 times before it 'takes' i ran out last night, so we'll see if i can keep away from the store.
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I used to smoke......I quit about 13 years ago. I just decided that it was time for me to quit before I got to the point that in the mornings I would be like some of the people that I used to work with. I swear, sometimes I thought that they were going to cough up a piece or two of their lungs. This was one of the best things that I ever chose to do for myself.......except for the 15 lbs. that I have now.........oh well, still not out of proportion for my height.

Winter Hawk
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Never smoked-- grew up in a non smoking family. married a smoker (pack a day habit) since we bought our new house he is not allowed to smoke inside. he will not smoke in front of anyone he knows except me-- wont smoke in front of his parents (now deceased) or his brothers or sisters (there are 5 of them and all but one smokes)

I dont understand how either as they watched their mom who was terminal for over 10 years with emphysema, COPD, and asthma waste away and finally die at 62 years old-- She finally quit smoking 6 months before she died. It was really sad. I just dont see how they could watch that and still smoke. It was a very painful and horrible death.

Oh well, not much i can do-- Hes tried the patch, gum and zyban. Maybe when this new drug comes out that another poster was talking about i can slip it to him in a drink or something LOL

yeah right! oh well

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I've never tried it. I always hated being aroumd my parents smoking. Too much of it gives me a headache. Plus the house always smelled bad. Hubby smokes but isn't allowed to do it in the house or my car, or in his pickup if he's got DD with him. I want him to quit, he says he's not ready to quit. I don't know why not, it costs us a fortune and he coughs like he's going to bring up a lung every morning. I think he's afraid of gaining weight, he's already about 50 pounds overweight. Although if he'd eat a little better and exercise, he probably wouldn't have to worry about gain and would actually lose some!

I don't understand why people start anymore, knowing about the health risks, and how darn expensive it is. I support a full public ban on smoking, inside and out. Nothing bugs me more than to be outside enjoying the fresh air, and have someone walk by with a cigarette and pollute my breahting space! And it really bothers me to take my kid to the park and find cigarette butts on the ground in the play area. I don't like it when people smoke on the playground, it sets a bad example for the kids.
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No, and I can't stand being around them. I don't get why someone would CHOOSE to do that to their body.
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They have to hook kids on smoking while their young. 13, 14 years old is the average age of starting to smoke. People over 25 who start smoking are extremely rare. So the smoking habit starts when you mix the immaturity of a teenager with the addiction of nicotine
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I only smoke second hand...
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Nope I am not a smoker...I never have and I will never be. Neither has my dh...

I do not have anything against smokers...unless they blow smoke in your face. yuck...that disgusts me

I am allergic to the smoke and especially now since I am pregnant I do not want to be around any body who smokes.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama View Post
I only smoke second hand...
Me too! And it's not my choice, I'm forced to do it when other people smoke around me.

I'm totally against smoking. I think smokers ought to be aware that second-hand smoke affects pets as well as people. Cats and dogs can get lung cancer and other health problems from second-hand smoke. I love myself, I love my boyfriend, I love my cats and my family and out of courtesy for every person on this planet I don't smoke and I never will. Other people who choose to smoke and do it in front of me, I'm helpless in that situation, there is nothing I can do about it. I have some family members who smoke and unfortunately when I'm around them I have to sacrifice for their habit. I cannot reject a family member because of smoking.
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If I go out somewhere where there's smoking, the next day I'm hacking up my lungs....I have athsma and it really takes the fun out of going out...
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I've smoked since I was 13 (so about 13 years of smoking). I quit when I was pregnant, but stupidly started again after my babies were born. I am going to try to quit again in a couple weeks; my college is having a big quitting event in the month of October, so I am going to give it a shot.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D. View Post
]I think it's totally amazing that people still choose to start smoking, especially those who work in the health care industry.
I think someone else pointed out that most smokers start smoking in their early teens, well before any common sense kicks in. I am a smoker who works in the health care industry; I have family members who have died from lung cancer and emphysema. One of my biggest regrets in life is smoking that first cigarette. You'd think it would be easy to quit, right? But addiction is a very powerful thing. I can't even count the number of short-lived quits I've had over the years. I've often wished the government would just outlaw cigarettes so they wouldn't be readily available every time I stop to get gas or groceries! The moral of this story: Don't start.
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Yes I smoke although not a third as much as I used to.
Upto 10 years ago I went right up to 40 a day but the past nine years I have been making my own ciggies,Half the time I can't be bothered to make them so I only smoke afew a day 5 or 6 maybe on a good day. But up to 10 on a bad.

I don't know why I started really,I guess I just wanted to see what it was like

The amount of polution in the air nowadays,I don't think anybody can really say 'they don't smoke'
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I picked "other" because, although I've never smoked a single cig in my whole life, I was exposed to my parents' second hand smoking for 21 years.

My dad quit about a decade ago after a heart attack.

My mom finally quit last month after her doctor said that she could develop emphysema if she didn's stop soon. I'm so proud of her and relieved that she 's being healthier. Quitting can be really, really difficult for some people.
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NOPE!!! Never have and never will. Just really has never been my thing. I dont condone people who do it either. My mom and gma smoke currently, but my mom does it outdoors. I guess I can say that it doesnt really bug me very much.
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I have never smoked.
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Well I am a smoker, since age 17, I'm 34 now. People that dont smoke or have never smoked can easily say 'ew gross why would anyone want to smoke!' but the reality is, when you are young and rebellious you dont think its gross, you think its cool. So you start smoking to be cool and before you know it you're addicted, and then it is VERY difficult to stop. I cant quit because I enjoy it. You have to want to quit to quit.. and I have a problem with that. Well, at least when I got my cats I stopped smoking in the house, now I smoke outside on the patio only.
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