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Tuesday's DT

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Hello all! I hate Tuesdays after a long weekend (it was a civic haoliday in Canada yesterday). I am always tired and cranky on those days and I don't feel like working. Oh well. We managed to get to the cottage for the day on Sunday and spend a few hours in the water before it started raining. My family (who own the cottage) drove me nuts! They couldn't understand why we wouldn't spend the night. I explained that we didn't arrange for a cat sitter so the cats had to come first. My brother in law said why don't you just leave them extra food and water. He can't understand that they are like our kids. The food and water isn't the issue. Sugarly has potty issues and we have to make sure the boxes are scooped at least 3 times a day. We also have to give Sugarly her daily anti-depressants. He may leave his cat for days on end, but I can't do that!
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another relaxing day off for me.
I was offered a manager position yesterday but I'm not sure if I'll take it. She asked me if I had any questions so I asked her what kind of money I would make so she goes,"if you are only interested in the money then I guess we have nothing more to talk about, I want soemone that cares for the shop not the money.". this right after she tells me that they are basically screwing her on her new job only giving her $2500 more a year. Make any sense? So I dont' know if this will be worth the headache or not. I know that if I take this position, i'll be doing 99% of the work there cause noone will go out of their way to do anything there. management staff especially. I don't want to take this postiton and find out that I've screwed myself ya know?
But I also don't want to have someone come in over my head and still end up doing 99% of the work cause that person has NO clue about what is going on. Don't know what to do, what do you think?
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Barb, I think that woman was kind of rude to you, that's what I think.

But I guess just follow your heart on it...let us know what you decide.

I am leaving for a dr. apt in Des Moines in 5 minutes....just routine.

Only good thing about it is we will get to eat somewhere nice...maybe The Iowa Machine Shed...they have wonderful food there!!!!! The plates they serve it on are HUGE!!!

I hope you all have a great day...it is raining here.
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Another day of absolutely nothing to do at work. This is going on two weeks, and it's getting really old. Besides the fact that if I'm not doing anything, it shows just how slow the business is right now.

I'm trying to get ready to move in about 2 weeks, and it is really a pain. Earl isn't doing anything to help pack, and I know it will end up being him rushing around being really stressed the day before we are supposed to move. The only good thing is that this time we have two full weeks to move, not 2 days. I've been trying to pack as much as I can, but when I don't get home until almost 6:00, by the time we eat dinner and I spend a little bit loving and playing with the kitties, there isn't much time for packing.

Barb, I would just follow your gut instinct on the management job. I agree with Debby, though, that woman was downright rude. Of course you are going to want to know what kind of money is involved with a new position. Why would you take a job with a lot more responsibility and little incentive? She needs to get a grip on reality - there is no such thing as company loyalty anymore. Most people don't work because they care so much about the company, they care about a paycheck.

Oops, didn't mean to get into a rant there.
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Cool and muggy, here. Yesterday, at about 5:00 p.m., we got our best storm, yet. Mucho rain, thunder and lightening. Lots of power outages (unfortunately, not where I work). The power was, still out at Bill's shop, this morning. He wasn't able to fill up the trucks so it should be a fun day, for the site foremen.

I bought a new photo printer, this morning. Can't hook it up, yet. My surge strip is full and I can't get out to buy another one, until tomorrow. Now, I have to raid my parents' house, for old pictures. Bill and Mark want to see my baby pix and have copies.

Have a good one, all.
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Barb, Are you not supposed to know what they are going to pay you? That's ridiculous. Of course you have to know that. When we work for someone, it should be mutually rewarding. They deserve to be rewarded by your skill and you should be paid. I'm sure they asked you about your skills, just as you asked about your pay. I was always a loyal employee, unless I discovered the company was not being fair to me--such as not paying what I was worth.
PA got a break from the 92-94 degree humid, rainy weather. We are expecting a refreshing week. I love summer, but the nineties are too high-even for me.
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Barb...how outrageous!!!!

They offer you a Manager's position and then feel insulted when you ask about the pay? What a joke! I think this woman was indeed rude and totally lacking in respect towards you. Her telling you she wants someone who cares about the shop and not about money should set off warning signals to you. Would you be dealing with her on a regular basis? Reporting to her? I would seriously reconsider working for her because it sounds like you'll end up working with someone who will always try to push you around or insult you.

I care alot about my job but I can guarantee that the pay does play an important part in it. I've had to fight a few battles of my own but never have I been told "we have nothing more to talk about" after I wanted to discuss salary. I'm not sure how I would have reacted.

Other than that, not much going on here. It's actually almost bedtime for me so I guess I'll continue on "Wednesday's DT" tomorrow!!! LOL.

Hope you all have a good night.
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