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Trent, Ophelia and Ginger

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Ginger sleeping on a duffelbag full of cables. I don't know why she thinks it's comfortable, but she does.

Trent on top of one of the few stacks of boxes we have left...

Ginger being cute (excuse the mess, we're still finding the right spot for a lot of stuff).

What's this? A BUG???

Ophelia is definitely the hunter of the house!

But Trent is always ready to help...

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Wow! Trent could be Scratch's twin!

What beautiful babies you have.
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Oh my goodness they are all so beautiful. Trent and his gorgeous hair. Ophelia has beautiful markings and sweet Ginger just a precious doll.
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Such lovely babies. How are they getting along now in the new house?
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Such gorgeous kitties!!!! I love the pics of them chasing the bug! Especially the one with the light on Trent's fur - he is such a handsome boy! I'm very partial to black cats though
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Your kitties are soo beautiful!!!
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Awww it's lovely to see more pictures of them Heidi! Ginger looks so well settled there that you'd think she'd been with you for years
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They are all adorable, But I always wanted a long haired Black cat... Trent
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Oh, Heidi, your family is gorgeous! Wow! Ophelia, Trent, and Ginger, you're so beautiful!
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I am so excited to see new pictures of them, Heidi! All three of them are georgous
I also feel much better knowing that you guys have Ophelia to keep you safe from those mean ferocious bugs
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra View Post
Oh, Heidi, your family is gorgeous! Wow! Ophelia, Trent, and Ginger, you're so beautiful!
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Thanks for sharing some pictures!!, I love Trent's coat..he's beautiful, and it looks like Ginger has settled in nicely
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*Beaming Meowmy* Thank you everyone!

Funny enough, I was looking at the pics last night after I posted them, and Earl started laughing at that last pic of Trent. He said Trent was looking so dejected after the moth got fried in the lightbulb, and that's what that pic is. And Trent really is as soft as silk with that medium/long fur. He's my snuggly-big-boy.

Ginger has settled in so well. Almost too well. Slow introductions aren't going very smoothly because Ginger is quite sure that she is ready to be out and about, and takes every opportunity to escape from her room. She's a brat, but so cute and lovey that it's ok. I got some super cute pics of her playing last night after I posted this, so I'll have to post some of those tonight.

Ophelia is such an enigma. She has sequestered herself downstairs since Ginger came home. She is 100% Alpha with Trent, but she acts like she's scared of Ginger. (That's why we're back to very slow introductions.) But she is still Daddy's little Baby-Doll, and loves to chase bugs. If I could just convince a bug to fly upstairs with Ophelia chasing it...
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Great pics Heidi! I love the last one of Trent. His fur really does look super soft. I also love your wall color!
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I love all 3 of them, but I just can't get over how much Trent looks like Prego. (I know I already said that in the "Twins" thread.) But everytime I see pics of Trent, I think Prego!
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They're all gorgeous, Heidi!
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Wonderful, Heidi!! Good to have new pics of Trent and Ophelia -- gorgeous babes! And your new little darling -- what a sweetie!
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Heidi those are great pics!!! Trent looks so handsome, and Ophelia reminds me of my LuckyGirl how she's "on the prowl" .... I'm so glad Ginger is getting along with her new siblings..... Great job Meowmy!!!
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All your babies are so adorable. Trent and Ophelia are intent on getting that bug! And Ginger looks so comfortable. She really wants to be part of your kitty family.
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This was one of the games that Ginger played last night which was mainly called "Stay under the bed so Meowmy can't grab me and put me back in my room." But, while she was there, she found a blue silk rosebud that she found quite amusing too.

Then I tried to coax her out by playing with a twist tie. It mostly worked.

Eventually, about 45 minutes later, I did actually get her back in her room. Usually she cries when we put her back in there after any supervised outside of the room time (we're reintroducing, it was just too much too soon for all three of them). Last night she was just quiet, which I have to assume meant that she was one tired little Ginger Cookie!
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Awww, there's that beautiful, sweet, smart and stubborn little Ginger Cookie!

Those pics made my day, Heidi. Thanks!
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Your fur family looks so complete Heidi.
Trent, Ophelia and Ginger are all gorgeous.
You are doing such a wonderful job with the new introductions.
I have to say it one more time....
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your babies are adorable!
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Ginger is so precious in the latest pics!
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Oh Heidi! Trent, Ophelia and Ginger are all simply gorgeous!

It certainly sounds like Ginger knows what she wants! I bet she sneaks past your legs when you try to leave her room!

I hope the reintroduction goes well and you'll all be able to have the whole house together!
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It's great to see pics of all of your babies...they're gorgeous!

Hopefully the new introductions will go smoothly!
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