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Horror stories....

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Rescuing cats isn't an easy business. In the six months I've spent doing this Ive seen far worse things than I saw in four years of soldiering.

I got my start in this when a neighbor brought me a one-day old kitten she'd found. He lasted less than 48 hours despite our best efforts. A week later we were presented with a cat with massive internal injuries--she didn't last 12 hours.

Enough!!! Time to to gain control over what was/still is an out-of-control breeding colony of cats who would end up dead in the street, on the curb or off to the side.

In late July I captured a young pregnant feral female--very feral, and I had little knowledge of how to handle such a cat. She escaped as we tried to transfer her from the trap to a holding crate; she ended up behind our bathtub. Two days later--still behind the bathtub--she gave birth to three kittens.

For a day or so they appeared healthy so I left things as they were. On the third day I noticed the kittens weren't moving. They were dead. We captured the female and had to use scissors to remove a dead kitten from her tail; we caged her and buried the kittens. Several days later, I observed a hunk of hair on her food dish. Only it wasn't just hair--it was the tip of her tail. She'd chewed it off.

To make a long story short she was treated for a respiratory infection (which I believe killed the kittens) and was treated for her self-amputated tail; and then she was released. I still see her, and she seems to be doing well.

Those of us who work with feral cats must keep a few things in mind: I't's not always a pretty business--tough choices need to be made and the consequences need to be lived with. Sometimes you get lucky, most times you don't and it occasionally comes together. In the end this is worthwhile work, no matter how ugly individual cases get--STAND FAST, AND CARRY ON...!
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Kudos to you for caring for ferals
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Working with the downtrodden, the unwanted, the scared and abused is difficult no matter what species. Big thanks to you for helping those who have been abandoned by society.
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Bless you for doing what you can to help cats in need.
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I so understand what you are talking about and am too upset about a "horror story" re my recent street cat rescue to even type too much about it. Basically it was a pregnant feral that I'd been feeding since she was a kitten, finally in a position to rescue her, trap her, take her to vet, she escapes through zipper in carrier as I enter vet...crosses 6 lanes of traffice & back in peak hour traffic, then goes into hiding near vet....which is a long way from my place.

Spent 2 nights in my car in the suburb trying to trap her, no luck...the rest of the story is on the home page of my website....she gave birth in a back yard, they chased her away, she abandoned kittens...and on and on....and she's still out there.

Cats hit by cars in front of my place. One I found a home for and didn't pick up off the street quick enough disappeared. A kitten that I tried to pick up sitting on my front door step got scared, ran away and seems to have hid in garbage bin, collected and thrown into compacting truck. Some of my favorites disappear. It's just awful. I often feel such guilt. But doing the right thing isn't always pleasant or convenient as I've discovered...but somehow I can still get great joy out of it at times, and couldn't sleep at night if I wasn't doing what I was doing.
Please check out my website at http://www.kittiesinthehood.com I'm using the web site to try to home my street cats & its working...soon mine will be off the street and I want to feature street cats from all over the world that need homes. They make wonderful pets...I've got 8 at the moment!
Keep it up,
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