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RingWorm Update...

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It started with Osiris... Then Cairo...Now Isis... Kinsey is the only one unaffected as well as Penelope the ferret... Now im just really saying the hell with it and letting them all have free roam of the house. They are ALL on meds and being lyme sulfur dipped 1x per week with the exception of Penelope. i see the vet on the 16th but was wondering if anyone knew what to do when a ferret has ringworm (she doesnt have it YET)
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Oh my, that sounds so annoying for you to deal with..I'm sorry your kits are going through this.
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If you live in a cool weather climate, keeping the house at about 66 degrees helps. My cat gets ringworm every summer but once fall comes, it heals and goes away. All I can think is that keeping the house at 66 degrees helps to heal since the "warm moist" climate is no long there for the spores to thrive in.
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My Persian gets ringworm every summer when the weather gets hot. We live in the south and so far I have not been able to stop this. Every summer around mid June he gets ringworm and has it all summer until the fall cooler weather comes. Any idea what I could do to stop this from coming? The shampoos don't seem to stop it and he has a sensitive stomach so internal meds usually make him sick.
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