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Do black cats tend to be overweight?

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I've heard this many times--and with the black cats I've had and known, I've seen it, too! Is there a genetic reason for this? I have 3 black cats, who seem to be bulking up--but my other 4 don't--they eat the same food, etc.


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I have a black cat who is my smallest one. She is 5 and only 7lbs. I'm not really thinking that it is a fact that they are over weight, atleast by my experience. But maybe it does hold true and I just got a petitie one.
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I've been owned by 2 black cats in my life , and neither was a fatty. Maybe it's just harder to tell when they're getting overweight because of the dark fur?
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My mom's Maunzi is a black cat, and a butterball at about 12 lb. on a small frame. I keep telling my little sister to play with her plenty, or she'll get fat!
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My cats are 14 lbs, but I think they are "big boned."
I have a good friend whose black cat is 10 pounds.
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My childhood black cat was 18 pounds. I think it may be they gain some weight from spay/neuter. Elsa used to be really skinny, but she probably weighs 10 pounds now. And when she was really sick a year ago it was about 5 pounds.
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I do not think that the cat's colour has anything to do with their weight or intelligence. If you overfeed any cat, it will put on weight.

I fyou are using dry food, use one with a higher protein content and no carbs, particularly wheat or corn. there are some good brands out there. this will take the excess weight off the cat if the food is administered sensibly.
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My black cat, Ellie is hte thinnest and also the most agile of all my cats, though she doesn't score so high in the intelligence stakes!
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i have owned 2 black cats....1 female 1 male....the male 20 lbs. and he isn't fat...he is just a big boy. very tall and lean. i mean, he has a little fat on his belly. but nothing unhealthy. the girl she has a little belly pudge. but again nothing unhealthy.
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I affectionetly call Wickett Chubby. Of course, with all that super long fur I have a really hard time telling if he really is chubby or just fluffy. He's about the same build as Frankie and last I checked they bot weighed about 11 lbs. It's funny really, I thought wickett was the runt when I picked him out but I guess I'm destined to have big cats.
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my cat is black and white, she may be greedy sometimes but she aint fat
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