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I expected better lines too, but I'm pleased with who won. The person who came in second had a beautiful line though, I was really impressed!
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I really enjoyed watching the finale and agree, I could see why the top two were the top two based on the collections shown. It was exciting!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
I'm sad!

I agree
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ARG! Can we talk about the winner yet? I'm not happy about it at all.

I'm was not very impressed with their collections either. I sat there thinking...would I wear any of these clothes? I did see a couple things from both Uli and Michael that wore definitely wearable, nothing from Laura (too much beading and sequence, reminded me of old rich people!!) and Jeffrey's were just way too far out for me.
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Really I thought Uli had the most beautiful collection, but Jeffrey has been consistent with his work (the craftsmanship/styling) without getting boring, which cannot be said for Laura, who had a beautiful collection, but was very...the same as everything else she's done. I was not impressed with michael's collection at all. it's like all that success warped his fuzzy little mind.
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I was supprised by the collections & very dissapointed in Michael's collection. It just didn't seem like anything new or intresting. I have to say that I loved Laura's collection but I think that because I don't have the opportunity to wear sophisticated clothing like that in my life. Jeffrey's clothing was not my style, but I have to say I think his was the best collection. I really didn't want to like his clothes but a good collection is a good collection.
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I loved Michael's line - I thought a few of his clothes were wearable - but I did love Uli's - I would probably wear each of the items in her line. Jeffrey - too far out there for me, by far!
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Uli's collection was a very pleasant surprise to me, I was thinking oh to be myself at 30 again (I didn't look my age and I had a figure). I was proud for her, she will do very well in her career.

Jeffrey's didn't contain anything I'd wear at any age except for one top and one dress that when I was in my late teens, I would have adored.

Laura again, it was all part of the same, but I really appreciated/liked at least 2 - not for me, but I could appreciate the design, they were lovely.

Michael - had one red/gold (?sorry, don't recall) dress that was breathtaking, but that...was it. He truly blew it, I was so disappointed *for* him.

Love the show! Can't wait to see the next season - they HAVE to keep this going!
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Jeffrey's collection was innovative, young, and refreshing. I liked his line a lot.

Uli's collection was good, I guess. I saw a lot of rehashed designs that she had done throughout the show, though.

Laura's collection was nice, but yes, it was the same old same old stuff. And not just from her previous collections, but the same dresses could have come from any number of designers in any number of time periods.

Michael's collection was a real disappointment to me too. I think he may work better under time constraints and guidelines rather than having time to overthink his designs.
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