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I might quit

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Ok I'm soooo mad at my boss right now. She accused me of lying today about the stupidest thing. She says I lied about giving her son a toy. Now I've put up from alot from her. She doesnt pay me much at all for what I do. The only reason Ive stayed for so long was because I felt sorry for Kaidence. He's very attached to me and screams any time I leave. But I'm sick and tired of all her crap. I'm not a liar and even if I was why in the world would I lie about a stupid toy! When she said that I just said whatever turned and walked out. The husband came running out and said you'll be here at 8:30 right? I dont know if I should quit or not. I definatly wont until I have another job. Because I cant afford to not work. But my sister says she can probably get me a job at the jewelry store she is Asst Manager at. So if that pans out I will quit. I'm just mad right now..
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Good luck making up your mind, it sounds like an ugly place to be.
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... Please think about you and the baby ... if you can get hired elsewhere do it but think
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
... Please think about you and the baby ... if you can get hired elsewhere do it but think
If I wasnt pregnant I would have quit today but I realize I need to save as much money as I can at this point. I wont be quitting unless I have a definate job in place. Like a day to start.
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What a crappy situation sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time
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try to calm down a bit first sweetie and think everything thorough before you make a decision. don't make one now while you're mad.
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i can unstand you feelings here. I deal with a nut case for a boss that lies all the time., even lies to other people about his staff. i stay cause 90% of the time i am alone here.

just remember that the best time to look for a new job, is when you already have one
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I used to have a loose-cannon of a supervisor in my old job. He'd basically use me as a vent for all his problems, usually starts off as a complaint on my "performance". Normally I would just calmly explain what the deal was but sometimes I'd have to go lock myself up in a lab or machine shop to get away from him. Later he'd come over to apologize for being a moron. But then two days later he'd do the same bloody thing again!

Usually he'd complain about my hours saying I got to work too late ("flexible hours" my foot!) or lunch breaks being too long. If I got in anytime after he got in it was too late, but he would ignore the fact that I'd stay 1-2 hours after he left for the day to finish/perfect whatever work I had (sometimes up to 6 hours!) or do special jobs for other people/doctors (basically favors, like running late night scans for them). Even if I got in on time, I'd just spend the first hour or two zoning out in front of my computer with nothing to do, talk about wasting good sleep time. Same for lunch, basically he'd wolf down a bag of chips and a can of yogurt at his desk in 5 min, but I'd spend 45 min going out and getting a decent meal. Once he went off on me for being gone for 15 minutes and I basically had to yell at him "I WAS FREAKIN' CONSTIPATED!" as he couldn't understand how someone could be in the bathroom for so long.

Luckily, it was only a year contract, and I basically high tailed it the heck out of there once it was over. The funny thing is they offered a renewed contract, which I promptly responded with a "hell no". I found a much better job with super people, 25% higher pay, and over time to boot!
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