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sick cat

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Last week my aunt started noticing blood like stuff on her cats chin, she got it off.. and the next day it reappeared.. and she also smelled a horrible smell so she looked in his mouth and his teeth were like rotten.. this is a fairly young cat that eats only hard cat food.. she took him to the vet.. and the vet said that he was allergic to the enamel on his teeth.. anyone ever heard of that?? So, they had to pull several of his teeth. Well, a few days ago he started puking and couldn't hold anything in. So.. back to the vet. They did an xray and found out that his colon was severely impacted.. we guessed from the antibiotics he was on from his teeth. They kept him overnight.. and he started getting even sicker. 3 days, several tests, and lots of money later.. they decided today that he had been bitten by a flea and had a parasite in his blood. I don't think it was worms.. they just said one flea can carry the parasite. Even though she had him on frontline. I guess its a pretty bad parasite. Anyone know any information about it? She didn't say much else.
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Poor kitty! Your aunt just learned the hard way that dry food doesn't clean teeth (in addition to the fact that it's not the best diet for a cat). Dry food manufacturers would love to keep that myth alive...

I've never heard of a cat being allergic to the enamel on his teeth. If that's true, why would the vet have pulled only some and not all of the teeth? Won't he still have an allergic reaction if the same allergen (the enamel) is left in his mouth, even if it's just a few teeth?

What did they do about the impacted colon and the blood parasite (does your aunt know which specific parasite it is?)?

I feel terrible for this poor baby - he's got several major health concerns going on at once. I hope he'll be ok. Please keep us updated.
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The parasite is likely Mycoplasma haemophilus, formerly known as Hemobartonella felis. It is transmitted by a single flea bite. The disease itself used to be called Hemobartonella but is now called Feline Infectious Anemia. These sites have more information:

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