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How do u introduce a cat to another cat????

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Hey everybody im new here this is my first post. In the past i really never liked cats. but when i actually got on about 2 months ago i love cats now hehe. well my problem is i rescued a stray cat a small cat still a kitten and brought it too my house. the problem is my current adult cat chases her away hisses at her and tries to fight with her but the kitten is jus to fast. What can i doo soo they get along??

The history of the current cat i have is, it was my friends cat but b4 it was my friends it was his neighbors but the neighbor moved and left there cat soo my friend took care of her then my friend moved to an apartment which doesnt alow pets soo i now take care of her. dont really have any history on the cat i think its pretty old now its lazy asi try to play with it with toys doesnt even bother too play shes jus really lazy.

and the stray cat is still a kitten i think its really skinny like it hasnt eaten for days when i first got her i feed her 2 cans of food and she finished them both in like 15 mins. i just really want them to get along.
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cats are funny things have you tried feeding them to gether that what I did and also try to transfur both of their sent on to each other cuddle one then the other play time is another you could try and remember that your oldest cat is topcat my 17 yr old had his work cut out with 3 kittens that we took on he told them off and put them in their places and he well loved by all three kitten it took about 2 months for him to get used to them and our 10 yr old she still on the stage of eating with them but she is alot better with them after about 4 months its been now she still has a moan at them every noe and then
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Go to this thread and it will give you great advice on how to introduce your cats.


This is how we introduced Bijou and Mika and we did keep them separated for a full month with only supervised visit when we were home.

Let us know how you make out.
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Cats are not introduced like dogs.

First put the new cat in a room by himself with litter pan, food/water. Let him stay there for a few days to get used to things.

Then after 2-3 days, let the new cat out and put the resident cat in the room where the new cat was. They will get used to each other's scents without direct contact.

Then after a day, supervise the face-to-face meeting. It might be a good idea to have the new cat in a carrier or dog crate at first to see how things go.

Make sure ALL cat's nails are clipped and expect some hissing/growling. If you introduce slowly its a lot better then dumping the new cat in the middle of a strange house with strange animals its never met.

It might take a few more weeks or even a few months before they really get along. BTW I'm assuming both cats are neutered/spayed? If not, that needs to be done soon so they will get along better and no one will get pregnant.
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