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Hey..Haven't been here in a long time..New Kitties

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Hi catsite. Wow, it's been quite a few years since I have visited everyone here. I used to be called Trentanimom, then I was Aniskyof Trent, then..I floated away for a while. There have been many changes here.
After Ani & Trent passed, the sadness was overwhelming. I adopted Skylar from a shelter in New Jersey. He was an absolute sweetie, however things started getting very tough. By the 2nd week that I had him, Skylar developed a terrible infection on his tail. Lots of vets, lots of ideas, lots of meds..nothing helped. He bit his tail until he was crying in pain all night. He became so obsessed with his ocd condition. Eventually, it came to the point he needed medication or an amputation. I spoke a lot to the woman from the shelter where I adopted Sky. She has always adopted all the kittens who needed extra care. As hard as it was, I gave Sky to her. I just didn't have the strength (emotionally and phyically), to give Sky all the care he needed. It was all too much. So, I gave Sky over to Mommy-Shelter. I speak with her once a month now to check up on him. He's doing good, but there have been some problems here and there. She said he seems happy living with all his new brothers and sisters.

A few months later, I knew I still needed my cat companionship,, All the sickness, and heartbreak with Ani, Trent, and Sky had almost broke me to the point of never taking in any cats again.

I now have my babies..Joseph Alexander 2 years old (b-day: Oct. 15, 2004)
Gina Alexandra (3 years on March 1)

It was very hard for me to come back here after Skylar. I felt like such a failure and a terrible mom. I hope someone can understand..

Anyway, I really hope everyone is doing well. There are so many of you that I haven't spoken to in forever. I am going to go do a search to find everyone. I really want to know how all the sweek kitties are..
So much love from us,
Joey, Gina, and Mommy-Lauren

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Welcome (back?!) and glad you're here!

That must have been very hard for you; but I think you're a GOOD mom for knowing Sky would receive the care he needed with another, and for ensuring that that occurred. Don't beat yourself up! The welfare of the CAT should always be #1 priority, and I believe your intentions have been entirely honorable toward him!

Joey and Gina are ADORABLE...and I'm sure you and they make a wonderful family!

We're fairly new -- joined in September -- and the 9 of us felines plus our devoted servant are glad to meet you all!
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SO CUTE!!! You owe it to yourself (and Gina and Joey!) to visit Plain Brown Tabby Toys & Treats (see info on them on site!)...
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and welcome from Spain...........I wasnt around when you first came to the site ! so hello from me and my 3 kitties - only one shown on my sig. as I´m still a newbie where sigs. are concerned, hopefully I´ll get one showing all 3 soon

Well theres been a lot happening to you ........and you did what was best for Skylar, so please dont blame yourself.

Joey & Gina look real cutie-pies

Maybe you could post some more photos

As you know, we love photos here

Glad you found your way back to TCS - enjoy catching up
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Hey Moofi:

YOUR CATS ARE GORGEOUS!!! Nice siggie! Waiting for the time when I can put mine up! Purrz!
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Hi Lauren, and welcome back I remember you from your "Aniskyof Trent carnation" It's good to see you back

Your babies are beautiful!
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Welcome back Lauren! I remember you, too. I'm really, really sorry about all that happened in the past but it's not your fault and I'm glad you finally found your way to come back to join us again. Joey and Gina are real cuties!
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Lauren hi!! So glad to have you back here with us all! You've had a rough time and I'm so sorry to read that. You know you are not a terrible mom, so stop that. We are lucky to have you here with us and so are Gina and Joey!! Look forward to heairng more from you!!

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Welcome back Lauren - I am so glad you have returned to us I am so sorry about what happened with Sky but we all know that you did what was in the best interest of him and we will never think bad of you for that

welcome to Joey & Gina - so pleased that they are here to join the TCS family would love to see some photos.

glad to have you back girl
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Lauren, wow!!! I missed you so much! I'm overjoyed to see you! Yippee! You're back! Joey and Gina are beautiful! I can hardly wait to catch up with you and get to know your new family!
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Hello, my name is John, welcome back to the site
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Hi! Welcome back. I am sorry you had such a hard year. You are not a bad meowmy, sometimes bad things just happen. You have given 2 lovely kitties a good home, so it isn't all bad!
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I probably wasnt here when you were...but so very glad to meet you. I have learned so much from this site. Everyone has been so supportive especially when I lost my little *coffee buddy* Mitzee...(she didnt drink it...she just stayed with me while I drank it)
I am glad to see your new kitties. *i know that helplessness you feel when you can't help your pet. Your Sky is being cared for and I give you a lot of credit for putting his needs first. You knew where he need to be...*hugs*
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Oh good grief Lauren!!!!!! When Chris (captiva) pm'd me to tell me you had posted i couldn't believe it!.

I was just talking to a member about you the other week because they've went through an agonising loss just like you did when you first came to the site

It's lovely to hear from you again and those babies are gorgeous, although i'm so sorry to hear about Sky
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hi there Lauren It's so great to welcome you back Wow! We get to welcome your new kitties to the site to
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Hi Everyone .. Aww, you all are so sweet. Thanks for giving us such a nice welcome back. It was definitely hard to come back here after everything that happened with Skylar. Obviously, I just couldn't help but feel awful about all of it. I am so happy that I am able to know his new mom, though. That really helps a lot.

I am so happy to see all my familiar friends still here. How wonderful There is a lot I have to catch up on. I hope all of you are doing well. Can't wait to see what's been happening.

Talk to you soon.. So many hugs and kisses

Love Lauren, Joey, Gina, and Layla-pup
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Hi Lauren,
Welcome back to TCS, I am looking forward to knowing you and your beautiful kitties. Thank you for posting on my Beautiful Bella's goodbye thread!
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