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Well, I'm a newbie

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I have four cats. Buddy is about five years old. He is a beautiful cream color with light stripes. He also has extra toes! Gizmo and Cassidy are a brother and sister pair of Manx cats. Gizmo is dark stiped over white and Cassidy is orange stripped over white. Misty is a cat with attitude. She is the newest edition and has fast become the boss. She is black with a white chest and paws. I'll be sure to send pictures when I have them available. Thank for letting me share!
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Lovely to have you here Lilsfairy. Hope to hear more about your kitties soon!
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound wonderful. We have many here who have kitty foot fetishes, by that I mean they love polydactyls (extra toes). More paws to nibble (not literally, of course)!

I look forward to getting to know you and all of your furbabes better. Happy Posting!
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Thanks for the warm welcome! I also foster dogs so don't be surprised if you hear about them. I talk about my cats on my dog board too! Right now we have an Australian Cattle Dog who may have a new home and a Beagle mix.
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Wow a house full of fur!!

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Hi Lilsfairby! Just wanted to say welcome, and we also have four cats, one who is named Gizmo as well!

Gizmo is 4 years old this month, he is a 12 pound dark orange tabby, Ragdoll/Maine Coon cross, male neutered. We just call him a DLH. He is famous for drooling on everyone he likes... it's gross! LOL

Mufasa is 4 months old, he is our adoptee kitten, a silver "sort of" tabby male, neutered. We have had him since he was three weeks old. He used to have behavioral issues, but he is great now! He's my sweetie.

Frankee is our 5 month old blue point van Ragdoll, female spayed. She is a GORGEOUS cat, and she adores me, but no one else. Love her to pieces!

Sarah is our beautiful seal point mitted Ragdoll, she is not spayed, she is far too young, and we may use her as a breeder. She is still coming into a personality.

Those are the kitties!
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I can't seem to find the pictures of my cats but I'll keep looking.

Doting- I have a cat like yours. Buddy is very afraid of...EVERYTHING! He only like me. He is warming up to my boyfriend who is trying very hard to make friends. Gizmo was named by my Uncle.

We also have a kitten right now. Misty and Gizmo became 9. We still have the only female left. We've been trying to find her a home but everytime we try something comes up. We think that maybe someone is trying to tell us something. She's a tailless, gray tabby. We've just been calling her the baby, but of we are going to keep her she needs a name.
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