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Vomiting Problem

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My 8 month old domestic short hair male cat Hachi has been vomiting quite frequently lately. 18 Days ago I found 2 feral kittens and brought them into my house, i kept them isolated in the bathroom for 2 weeks until i have them check and everything is okay. Then about 1 week ago i start to let them play with Hachi and my other cat.

Hachi's vomiting problem start shortly after the kitten were here, he usually puke about 1-3 hrs after meal, and i see all the undigested food in his vomit, but no hairball or anythign else. And he has been eating less lately. (my other cat eats the same food and she's okay, they both eat raw food.) At first i thought he's jealous of the new kittens, or maybe I just start to let him play with catnip and too much exercise after meal time make him vomits. He throw up about 3 times during the first 2 weeks the kittens are here. After the kitten are allowed out , they seems to get along fine, no fights between the big cats and kittens.

Last weekend I was away and my friend came to fed him, Sat and Sun Hachi ate fine but Monday he started to refuse his raw food and ate some can food instead. When I came back monday nite, i was not aware that he refuse raw food that monrning and gave him raw for dinner. Next morning I woke up i saw him puke it all up on the kitchen floor.

Other than that, he seems healhty , peeing and poopoing, playing, just normal, except he's more attached to me ever since the kitten came. but he does seemed to loose a bit of weight.

I bought him to the vet yesterday afternoon, to make sure everything is okay. Vet check him and said he seemed healthy.

Today I gave some dry food for kitten to try, and I gave hachi some as well, becuz i don't want him to get jealous. (but he hasn't had dry for quite a while) About 1 hr after he ate the dry food, he puke it all up, along with some raw food he ate in the morning.

Any body has any suggestion? The vet said he's okay but i'm still worried, throwing up 5 times during a 3 week period certainly doesn't sound normal to me.
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Vomiting that often doesn't sound normal to me either, especially since this is something that Hachi has not had problems with until recently.

Clearly something is wrong. Hachi could have a blockage - impacted hair, for example. He could have swallowed some foreign object. He could even have a food allergy. The fact that he's vomiting food hours later that is still undigested worries me. Your vet has to do better than to tell you Hachi "seems healthy". He's vomiting, fairly often, and losing weight, because he's vomiting too many meals. That isn't healthy.

I suggest a second opinion from another vet, preferably one who's a feline (internal medicine) specialist. At the very least, bloodwork should be done to help rule out infections or disease. If the vet suspects a blockage, Hachi can have an x-ray and/or ultrasound.

Please keep us updated on Hachi. Hope he'll soon feel better.
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