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Vibes needed...

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Bit and I are off to the vet today. He's had a dry cough since last night and his temp is slightly elevated. Please keep my little gray kitty in you thoughts and prayers.

Thanks all.

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Lots of good vibes Heather!
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Sending many vibes and prayers
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Oooo, poor Bit! Inhaled a little too much flour, huh?

Seriously, MUCH vibes coming your way that it is nothing serious and easily taken care of. Feel better, Mr. 8-Bit!!!
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Lots of vibes to both you and bit. Bit get well soon.
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I am sure he'll be just fine.....sneding lots and lots of healing prayers!!
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Lots of healthy vibes coming your way for your sweet boy!!!
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I can imagine the doctor - hmmmm he seems to have a combination of flour and banana skin in his belly. What do you feed him???

You've had a bit of a bad run with the vets lately - hope all goes well!
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Good luck both of you!
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Sending thought, prayers and healthy vibes to Bit.
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Thank you all! He is alergic to corn! Now that we know that it makes feeding him easier.
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Sending Good Vibes your way. I hope its nothing serious.
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It's good to hear Bit's problem is not serious. Now you just have to find food without corn for him.
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