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Ex's - do you still talk to yours?

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We're talking about ex husbands here at work...........we all have one. (more than one for Debi)

Do you still have contact/talk to yours? I haven't talked to my exhusband Dave since the early 90's................
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Ive only been married once but I still do speak to my ex boyfriend (serious relationship) Actually its quite funny because we still see eachother and joke like old pals and Im a bit close to his new wife...though I have no clue if she knows we were together, though she probably does know
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My ex (lived together for 11 years) is my best friend besides my husband, and we see each other about every couple of weeks. He gets on fine with my husband, so it's all good.
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My ex-husband of 9 years still has visitation with Oliver. He comes over about once a month and is friendly with my husband and myself. Once, his brother stopped over from out of town looking for him and I was able to track him down.
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Most of them are EX's for a reason I suppose.
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No never! If my second husband fell off the face of this earth I wouldn't blink an eye!!!
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Talk to mine on just about a daily basis. Not because I want to... trust me on that But because we have a soon to be 9yr old son together. We have TRIED (and I emphasize TRIED) to keep it amicable between the two of us.
He gets along pretty good with my current husband...as well as can be expected. They've DEFINATLY had thier moments though
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My ex-boyfriend that I dated for 4-5 years is no longer in contact with me. We used to talk or email occasionally as friends, but I've been told that his new wife forbid him to talk to me or contact me anymore. Some women make me laugh...
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Nope. I haven't talked to my ex boyfriend of 5 years since we broke up. I saw him last week and just about had a small panic attack. I will never want to speak to him again!
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Keeping a friendship keeps those memorys alive and times those feelings alive (not always for you but maybe that other person).

If your going to build a new relationship that person shouldnt be reminded that your still in contact with somone you once slept with/had feelings for/or were married to. I keep finding ex shouldnt be in the mix when in a new relationship. I learned it the hard way.

If your single and have ex's around beware it can hinder you from moving on at times.
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NO WAY! I haven't spoken to an ex-husband in years and have intentions or reason to.
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Not if I can help it I don't speak to mine,..lol,..we don't fight any more,...but maybe its because we don't talk any more,.its been many,..many yrs ,.
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I love your comment about exercise,...& of course I also LOVE chocolate!!! TLEA
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I have an X that we were really good friends, but the relationship just didnt work. The friendship does. He comes to all of our holiday gatherings, with his wife.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I have an X that we were really good friends, but the relationship just didnt work. The friendship does. He comes to all of our holiday gatherings, with his wife.
I think it's great when people can admit a relationship isn't working, move on, and remain friends...........not always possible, but wonderful when it does.
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I do, but we've only been separated/divorced for about a year and a half. It's usually about an issue or something though, we don't just talk as friends. I think his new girlfriend doesn't like him talking to me I'm with Emily, some women make me laugh sometimes
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I do. My ex is one of my best friends and I get along well with his girlfriend too (and yep, she's the one he left me for )
It's a long story there. But I guess me and my ex were mostly just friends even when we were living together but making believe that there was something more there... so now at least we're honest about it
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I dont talk to my exboyfriend unless I have to.
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I don't even wanna go there....my ex boyfriend called me yesterday and made me cry.... I hate that....i've told him not to contact me numerous times...It's too upsetting for me.
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I don't have any ex husbands. I have a gaggle of ex boyfriends, a couple of which were reasonably serious relationships (well, one of them was that whole first love thing).

I am regularly in touch with one of them, the most serious relationship. He and I broke up basically because it fizzled into a friendship. We talk often and I recently went to hear his band play at the diviest bar in Chicago and he did the engineering on the live recording of my recital and my most recent demo. Every time I'm in town, I have at least one meal with his mom and sister.

As for the others...I occassionally talk to my old high school boyfriend and one of them is at conservatory with me so of course we see each other and it's fine, but the rest of them have fallen off the face of the earth. I've only had one messy, painful breakup in my life, and I ran into him once since that happened and we actually had a good conversation and he bought me a beer. But the others are just scattered all over the city (or country) and I don't really have any reason to contact them.
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Nope. I have no kids and therefore no ties to any past relationship. I figure the relationship ended for a reason so it's time to move on. Besides from experience I have found that remaining friends with someone you've slept with doesn't always go well with future relationships on either side. New partners tend to be insecure in a new relationship and if you have an ex hovering around that you are best buddies with, that can cause problems.
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I was married briefly right out of high school. BIG mistake it lasted a bout 6 months. I wouldn't throw him a life ring if he was drowning
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I avoid my ex as much as possible. We have 2 kids, so I have to talk to him occasionally...but we still cannot get along or be friendly. He is a major dweeb, and kinda goofy in a negative way.

Anyhoo, I find we get along better the less we contact each other. We only speak when necessary for the kids sake, and the kids are 17 and 23 now, so usually we don't need to speak, thankfully.

I am happy for those with a cordial relationship with the ex, especially if kids are involved.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
We're talking about ex husbands here at work...........we all have one..

nope never had a ex-husband, but i do have a ex wife.
and no, i dont talk to her. I left for a reason.

as for ex gf, there are a couple that i still talk to. couple of weeks ago we(as in me and wife) went over to a friends house for dinner, well the friend is the female, who i dated in college for about year. she is married, and her husband seems to forget i was friends with her, or maybe he just likes me also as he will call and want me to come over,or go do tthings with them
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Yes, I still talk to my ex boyfriend pretty much once a week on MSN. There are times I think we were still meant to be together and then there are other times when I think to myself.... "what the hell were you thinking ever dating that dork!?".

When I went back to South Africa last year on holiday, he made a speacial trip from Cape TOwn to Durban to spend a few days with me... although I loved seeing him and spending the time with him again he just creeped me out because I think he automatically went back to us being a couple and kept introducing me to people as his girlfriend - I kept having to explain that I was his ex and I was currently engaged to another man although just visiting with this one.... all got so confusing! I ended up sounding like a mistress!
He even took me out on a romantic dinner and tried to seduce me afterward! I ran like the wind!
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I still talk to Ben, but mainly for money reasons.
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Every now and again.. But not to much... My husband doesn't much care for me talking to him.. So I just don't talk to him that much.. Mostly just checkup every now and again.... I still care about him,, because he was my first love, first husband,, my all first,, but obviously he's my ex.. So tis is life...
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For the most part, I'd talk to my exes if I ever saw them, but we live in different towns and our lives never intersect. There's only one I'd never speak to again, and for a long list of extremely good reasons.
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Yuck! No way!! Sometimes I wonder why I stayed with the ex b/f for so long!! But Lee and I talk about him sometimes. They were friends and coworkers. the ex was totally immature about the break-up and blamed me for everything (uhh he cheated on ME not the other way around)
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funny timing.....I just found out that my ex (bf), who was the LOVE of my life (previous to hubby) got married. And I have to admit, I'm a little bitter over it. But I was more upset when I found out back in March that he had a baby with this girl....and I know most of this stems from my inability to conceive a child, but still. And I think it's just a slap to my ego, that's all ("what he got over ME?!?!?!") I had always kept in touch with him, previous to my wedding, but since marriage I've felt that it was unecessary and possibly inappropriate, so we've lost contact. Now there is 1 guy that I was best friends with in HS, then dated in college that I still email via myspace, but he's in San fran and is no way a threat to my marriage.
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